The Prodigious Jaxon Vander

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The Prodigious Jaxon Vander

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Jaxon Vander has been an orphan since childhood. The housekeepers took him on orders from his father, who was killed in a business rivalry and forced to live as a vagabond after they died. However, luck suddenly favours him when he meets his foster father, Philip, a gangster ruler of the underworld, who gives him a place to stay and teaches him martial arts. Thanks to his prodigious, Jaxon could even enter a prestigious university. Jaxon is often bullied and insulted by his friends because of his shortcomings as a poor man. However, who would have thought that behind his humble appearance, Jaxon is actually the young master of the long-lost Vander family and also the future sole heir of the Sparrow family.


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53 chapters
Chapter 1
Sweat began to pour from Jaxon's forehead, and the man's body moved shakily. His heart was beating fast. The sound of gunfire continued to ring in his ears. From the cramped room, the boy peered out, witnessing the tragic events. He hid in a cupboard near the dining table. Jaxon closed his mouth tightly, unconsciously biting his tongue. He did this to stifle the sound and the roar of his breath. "Stop it, please, we've done what you want," a man pleaded with a wounded body. Blood began to ooze from his hand, indicating a bullet had penetrated the area. The aimed shot missed, so the man still made a sound. A man dressed in black ignored the pleading words and returned to aiming the rifle in his hand, signalling that he was ready to end the man on the floor. "Don't move, or I'll shoot you." "I didn't expect you all to behave like demons, even after we showed good faith." Jaxon, who witnessed the incident, screamed, "Stop, please stop." But what power he has? Jaxon's pleading voi
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Chapter 2
Jaxon went to a college with elite students. The students there were so wealthy that they never cared about anyone who got a scholarship. According to them, people who get such waivers are only poor people who cannot afford to pay and are willing to be used by the campus. The students couldn't believe the campus had changed the Student of the Year selection criteria for the first time in history. Until now, only the most remarkable and accomplished students got it. They also generally come from the upper class. But this was different with Jaxon. He was indeed a handsome man; most of the female students recognised that. It was just that Jaxon's reputation could have been better. He was notoriously geeky and destitute. Those two things made the upper-class girls feel embarrassed and reluctant to approach Jaxon. Not to mention Jaxon was always the object of jokes from a group of other famous students who had a tremendous influence on campus. "Hey, look at that nerd. He doesn't deserve
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Chapter 3
The girl seemed to realise what she had said. Miley, acting arrogantly in front of Julian and Jaxon, slowly controlled herself. "Sorry, Jaxon, but that's what you're known for on campus. It's just that I didn't mean what I said earlier. Uh, you know, I just wanted to find out the truth about the rumours about you. It turns out that you're different from the rumours. You may be poor, but you have a good heart, and I'm comfortable with that," said Miley showing her innocent face with gentle words. Julian, who saw this, became even more upset. "You two are the same. One is a rubbish bloke, and the other is a bitch. I'm getting sick of watching this rubbish romance. You savage!" When Julian was about to throw a hand at Miley, Jaxon quickly stood up and protected the girl so that he was the one who got slapped by Julian. PACK! Annoyed that his target was missed, Julian threw out his other hand. But this time, Jaxon swiftly blocked the attack. "One time is enough. You're a man, and you
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Chapter 4
Jaxon, who had been brooding, now woke up from his reverie. After the gathering in the hall was over, Jaxon went to calm down. The relationship between him and Miley had only ended three weeks ago. Even though the girl had finally graduated from college, Jaxon still felt the effects of their relationship. "People talk about me as if I won the lottery. They treat me so lowly but, at the same time, are jealous. I don't understand anymore," Jaxon thought to himself. Jaxon was alone in the corridor, thinking about everything he had experienced, so he unknowingly missed the first ten minutes of his class. When he realised, Jaxon hurried away. Jaxon hurriedly walked up the stairs, but unexpectedly he accidentally met four students in the hallway leading to his class. Jaxon recognised the four children: Tristan, Rhodes, Charles and Teddy. Jaxon, who was in a hurry, hurried to leave, but unexpectedly Tristan, known as the leader of the four men, stopped him and said, "Hey guys, look at thi
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Chapter 5
Jaxon continued to walk into the classroom, where all the students were already present for the lecture to be delivered by the lecturer named Aiden. When Jaxon entered the classroom, his friends Dean, Jake and Ethan immediately greeted him. "Hey, Jaxon, why are you late?" Jake asked once Jaxon reached his seat. Jaxon sighed and said, "Nothing; I just met Jessica." Then Jaxon immediately turned his head to look for Rachel's figure; as soon as he saw Rachel in her chair, Jaxon directly delivered the message that was left to him. Ethan, who had been watching, immediately asked, "Jaxon, answer me honestly; why do you look so nervous? Are Tristan and his friends bothering you again?" "Not really," Jaxon replied, continuing, "Ah, never mind, let's not prolong it anymore; I don't want to cause trouble." Hearing Jaxon's words, Jake, who was sitting next to Ethan, immediately stood up and said, "Jaxon, you can't just keep silent and surrender; you have to fight back too; otherwise, belie
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Chapter 6
Right after the subject they were participating in was finished, Rachel, who was in the front row, stood up, walked over to Jaxon and said, "Hey Jaxon, do you have anything to do this afternoon?" Rachel asked with a smile and a friendly voice. Jaxon nodded and said, "Yes, Rachel, after this, I will go to the Franktuary Restaurant to work there as a waiter on the side; well, it's not bad for extra income," Jaxon said with a smile. He never felt the slightest bit ashamed of being honest and upfront that he would look for a job after college, and it was no secret that he was the poorest student, so no one cared. Jaxon then continued, "It just so happened that there was a shortage of waiters, so the restaurant manager accepted my application to work their half-time, but Rachel, what is it that you are asking about my activities this afternoon?" asked Jaxon a little curiously. Hearing Jaxon ask, Rachel blushed a little and replied, "Ah no, it's okay; I just wanted to take you to the lib
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Chapter 7
Now Tristan was furious; he pulled Jaxon's shirt back and delivered a punch to the stomach. Jaxon, who received the blow, was immediately bent over, he suddenly felt extremely nauseous, and at that moment, he suddenly wanted to vomit. After receiving a punch from Tristan, the still-bent Jaxon said, "I'm sorry, Tristan, I didn't mean to." Jaxon, with a look of pain and regret on his face, then continued while apologising to Tristan, "I didn't intend to get you soaked like this, just now when I was almost reaching the table, Charles suddenly stuck out his leg, I didn't expect it because it was so sudden, I lost my balance and ended up falling, I hope you will forgive me, Tristan, this is not my fault." Charles, who heard Jaxon start blaming him, immediately got up from his seat and pulled Jaxon's hair. "What did you say? Repeat it! How dare you make excuses and blame me for your stupidity; you want to die, Jaxon?" Charles growled. Charles did not want to be blamed by Jaxon. They al
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Chapter 8
As soon as the Manager left the table where Tristan and his friends were, Jaxon, who Charles' kick had knocked down, got up. He was about to leave because the Manager had ordered him to go to Manager's room, but before he could take a step, the unsatisfied Tristan said with a contemptuous smile, "Remember Jaxon! It is not over yet; you will still face many difficult things in the future." Jaxon did not respond; he knew that if he responded to Tristan's words and continued to linger there, the problem would worsen, so Jaxon decided to leave immediately. Arriving at the door of Manager's office, Jaxon immediately knocked on the door, and soon a voice from inside invited him to enter. Jaxon pushed the door, swinging his steps into the room; when he reached the front of Manager's desk, he saw that the Manager was looking at him with a look that was hard to interpret. Manager Logan stood up from his chair, walked over to Jaxon and said, "Jaxon, what are you doing? Are you unable to wor
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Chapter 9
At the same time, Tristan, who felt nothing else to do in this place, soon got his friends to leave. Right now, Tristan has other plans for them to do tonight. After arriving outside the Restaurant, he immediately asked the others with a smile, "Are you guys done?" Waving his hand, Charles, who did not know the meaning of Tristan's question, asked, "What's done? Do you mean eating at that Restaurant? Ah, that's not important anymore." Rhodes and Teddy nodded, "Charles is right; this dinner is no longer important, isn't our main goal to annoy Jaxon? Right now, he must be severely scolded by Manager Logan." Hearing the words of his friends, Tristan even grumbled inwardly, then said to emphasize his point, "You don't understand what I mean, are you satisfied with the performance earlier, or is it still lacking? If you feel that it is enough, then you don't deserve to hang out with me; I, Tristan, will never be satisfied before that child kneels to beg for mercy from me; when that hap
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Chapter 10
Charles, who was beside Jaxon, gritted his teeth. He immediately grabbed Jaxon's wrist to twist the hand, but soon Charles was surprised because the hand he was trying to turn was made of rock; it didn't move at all. At this moment, Charles felt the veins and muscles on that arm moonlighting hardened stiffly. Charles, who had wanted to break Jaxon's hand, began to feel a chill on the back of his head. At this time, Jaxon moved his left hand to the side, pushing the body of Rhodes, who was on his left and then facing to the right, where Charles was still standing with his head filled with various things that were difficult to understand. At this time, Jaxon had pressed his face slightly to the side of Charles' body and whispered, "Charles, you know, the four of you who are here are not worthy opponents for me; for me, you are just a piece of dirt that I underestimate, remember Charles, all this time I have only relented and continued to relent, you must know Charles that I am not we
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