Devil's Enthronement
Devil's Enthronement
Author: Royal phoenix
Sextuplets in trouble.

"Hold on, hold on, what?" Zach said with furrowed brows as he darted his eyes between Mr. Glen and the other five.

"It may seem confusing to you now but believe me, with time, you will get to understand everything." Glen said looking at Zach before turning his eyes to other students.

"Alright sir," Lawrence said shifting his weight from foot to foot, "I totally get what you said but, I am not interested in this prophecy bullshit okay, you will have to go find someone else who will cook these lies for. For me, I am out of here," he picked his school bag and turned to the door.

"I'm not lying to you, Lawrence!" Glen called after him, "and this isn't a prophecy, you found it yourself so you will have to do everything it says. You will do it, Lawrence! And every one of you."


'Fight! Fight! Fight!' Kiara heard the crowd chant as she stepped into the hallway, hurriedly, she pulled off her earphones as she pushed her way through the crowd.

The type of gathering before her was not a common one, so even without being told, she caught a hint of what was happening.

Imogen, on seeing Kiara, rushed up to her and pulled her to the front.

"What happened?” Kiara asked as she fitted her phone and earphones into her bag.

“What else do you think happened? Dylan happened, that stupid shit bag happened.”

Kiara turned her eyes to Dylan, one of the boys on stage, to see him standing with his fists clenched by his sides and angry lines running throughout his face as he searched the eyes of his opponent for the slightest clue to throw a punch. Kiara chewed her teeth and she scanned Dylan from head to toe to keep her anger in check.

“Where is Ashley?” She asked with gritted teeth. Ashley, she knew, was the only reason Lawrence, Dylan's opponent, decided to humor Dylan.

Imogen pointed to a corner still in the center of the circle, “there she is.”

Kiara dropped to her knees as she approached Ashley to find her friend drenched and dripping wet. 

“Ash,” Kiara called and Ashley raised her swollen face from in between her knees where she had buried it. “That punk did this to you?”

Ashley nodded with a sniffle as she wiped away her tears. Jerking up from where she knelt, Kiara took off her bag and rushed to Dylan, giving him a hard push that would have sent him flying across the hallway save for the people who held him from falling.

“Kiara,” Imogen called, trying to pull Kiara back, but, Kiara shoved her hand away and stepped up to Dylan anyway.

Clouds of murmur arose from the crowd, nobody in the school, apart from Lawrence, dared to step up to Dylan, but, there was Kiara bitting more than she could chew.

“Have you gone nuts!” Dylan yelled as he charged up to Kiara but, Lawrence was quick to shove her behind him and blocking Dylan's view of her.

“And what now?” Lawrence asked, “you want to fight her too? Why don't you look for someone within you, lev...”

The crowd gasped again before breaking into a loud cheer. The long dragged tension which had been going on for more than two years between Lawrence and Dylan had finally come to an end, it will be forever recorded that Dylan Russo threw the first punch.

Ashley jerked up from where she was seated and rushed to Lawrence, “Lawrence, please, just ignore him please, I'm fine now, let's just go.”

Lawrence scoffed lightly," this right here isn't about you, cupcake,” he said softly and motioned to Imogen to take Ashley away before turning to Dylan to close up the gap between them.

“I dare you, do it aga...” Dylan tried to throw another punch at Lawrence, but Lawrence caught his hand midair and responded with two quick punches.

The crowd cheered, some of the students took out their phones to record the fight of the century.

'Fight! Fight! Fight!' the crowd kept cheering. Dylan, out of anger, forcefully pushed Lawrence, but Lawrence stood his ground and as Dylan tried to throw another punch at Lawrence, Kiara, who j had been standing beside Lawrence, stepped in between them, causing the punch to land on her face.

“Kiara! Imogen and Ashley shouted in unison and rushed to her as Lawrence, whose eyes were already blood-red from anger, grabbed Dylan by the collar and pushed him until his back was flat against the rows of lockers. Just as Lawrence was about to give Dylan the beating of his life, one of the vice principals, Edna, pushed her way into the crowd and yelled;

“Lawrence Anderson and Dylan Russo, to my office. Now!” Lawrence angrily clenched his fist, which was already at Dylan's face before slowly putting it down. 

“Thank your stars, Russo,” he said to Dylan's face before releasing his collar and smoothing the shirt out with both hands.

“You know the code of conduct in this school, don't you?” The vice principal said, as they turned to her and they both nodded, "well then, there is no much thing for me to say. To my office, please.”

“You said Kiara pushed Dylan first, right?” vice principal Edna said to one of the students who had gone to report the fight to her after Dylan and Lawrence left the scene.

“Yes, ma'am,” the student, Lily, one of Kiara's friends, said with a nod as she stole a quick glance from Kiara.

“Ms. Hunter, find your way to my office now,” vice principal Edna said to Kiara.

“But, he bullied Ashley first,” she turned to Ashley and pulled her to her side, “see, Dylan got her drenched too.”

“Alright then, take your friend to my office too,” She clipped and turned on her heels to leave the scene. Just as she was leaving, a tall black boy with defined muscular features hurried into the hallway with a basketball, tucked under his left arm, upon seeing Edna, he paused in his track with a 

“Shit,” he muttered and shifted the ball to his right palm as Edna brought her hand up and looked at her watch.

“Eight-thirty,” she said through gritted teeth and looked up at the boy, "classes began thirty minutes ago, to my office LeBron James.” She continued on her way but stopped abruptly, “Every other person should go to their classes right now! God, I hate this school,” she muttered under her breath with a slight shake of her head as she hastened to her office.

Kiara sighed weakly as she turned to Ashley, Imogen, and Lily who were gathered around her, “there goes my makeup test.”

“I'm so sorry,” Lily said, “I didn't mean for you to get into trouble, I just didn't want Lawrence to hurt Dylan.”

The trio turned to Lily as Imogen sized her from head to toe, “yeah , of course, your lover boy.” She rolled her eyes at Lily and turned to Ashley, “I'm coming with you, Ki.”

“She didn't say you should,” Ash whispered, and Imogen wound an arm around her neck.

“She loves when students get into trouble, doesn't she?"

“Well then, let's go see what punishment has been saved for us this time.” Kiara said, and the trio followed the black boy to the vice principal's office, leaving Lily behind. 

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