Memories of Raining Nights

Except for the clanking of the utensils against the plates, the silent whizzing of the fire in the fireplace and Aaron's unanswered questions that still hung in the air, the dinning room was silent.

"Do you like the food?" He pressed his hand against his fork with slightly more pressure as he asked her again. His gaze were fixed on Diamant who sat by his right in a long blue dress. Her shoulders were tensed and she made sure that she stayed eating during this unwanted lunch so there would be no reason to have any conversation that he would likely force her to, which he was already doing.

Aaron watched her closely, his eyes slinted with observation, "you are doing this on purpose."

She took a goblet of water and drank before rushing back to her food.

He muttered something harshly to himself under his breath before taking another bite of his food.

He was tired of this. It had been over a week and although she ate well now and gave no trouble, it was like she had decided to act like he
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