Overcoming the systems

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Overcoming the systems

By: Maguire35 OngoingHarem

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The world is a place of power level and competition between all the inhabitants of the world, including people with systems that represent less than 1% of the inhabitants. Their presence is very dangerous in any country, so they are hunted like beasts everywhere and captured to take away their system and return them to normal. Alison is a kid with a pretty basic system, but she has learned to harness it to outperform everyone else her age. However, he got into a lot of trouble because of his physique and giving a false image to others. Many girls start looking for him, and he gets in trouble for it. This leads him to get into a fight with one of his friends and causes a lot of damage to the place where he got into a fight, which he couldn't pay for. So the owners of a school offer to pay the debt if he enrolls in the school and represents them in some games. He accepts, but when he enters there he finds a rather strange boy who just got his system and is likely to be discovered, and it is imminent that they start looking for more people like him. Faced with the uncertainty he feels, he decides to help him to get better and not raise suspicions of others, but things will not be as easy as he thought.

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Ten years after the war for power, the world was slowly changing, and they were trying to create a social system and diminish the hatred towards the two extremes of society, but it was impossible, many people still had memories and dislike towards what had happened. The pillars of society proceeded to start a new school year, even though they knew the inconveniences they were experiencing at that time. In one of the capital cities of the country, a common occurrence was happening due to insecurity in many areas. One of the many boys who were preparing to enter high school was walking the streets of a city called Glosbar, known as the city of the starry sky. He was on his way to school with his bags. In which he had already been admitted and had to present himself before the end of the week. He was different from the rest, he had a system which helped him to improve some of his statistics to level up, if they reached a certain number, he could go up to level 2 like most of the student
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First day of classes
The next day, Luan got ready, but his classmate Alison had already left first. On the middle bed he saw what was probably his uniform, there were four school outfits, two for classes and one for exercises. He had to get dressed quickly, as he lived in a boarding school and there was no excuse for being late, he was due in block 110, 12. As soon as she left the dormitories, she went to the classroom area, of which there were quite a few. Any new person could get lost in a place like that, and even more so when it was a series of identical buildings. He kept quiet and looked at some blocks. Until he saw one that was closest to the one he was looking for. He headed there. He noticed that there was no one in the corridors. It was a bad sign for him, since he was probably the only one who had arrived late. Luan kept walking until he found his classroom and entered it, but to his surprise it hadn't started yet. There were 23 students there, with him there were 24, but of the remaining seat
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Physical performance
The next day, Luan woke up a little sore from last night's training, Alison did not show any exhaustion. They both got ready to go to the classroom, he was an inexpressive person, and a little difficult for anyone to understand. This time they both went together to the classroom block, no one understood why one of the strongest in the classroom was hanging out with someone like Luan, but at the same time, the boy also didn't know how to talk to him and ask him why he decided to help him. I preferred not to talk to anyone and watch Alison's back from a distance. He looked like someone very sure of himself. The whole morning was like that. Until the class started, at which point they got a pink-haired, blue-eyed, slender-figured teacher who was quite friendly and very pretty. She began to talk to them about the expeditions that would be made. -The expeditions are 3 per year, two are in the country, and an external one with the whole school, generally training, fights, and social serv
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Three students took Alison to the infirmary, this time they were Lucia, Liz and Luan.There was a nurse with black hair, brown skin and yellow eyes, round face who attended him.-Don't worry, he is fine, he will wake up in a while," she told them.When everyone had left, the woman waited patiently for Alison to wake up, she seemed anxious about something.The boy woke up, a few minutes later, somewhat groggy and with a pain in his abdomen. He was lying on one of the beds. The nurse noticed the boy's movements and sat down next to him.-I don't know how you managed to get into this school. You have too many scars on your chest and back, what happened to you?Alison answered, sighed and replied.-It was in a training session, I got hit by an electrical wire and burned a little bit.-Mmmm, ok ...Your teammates would be terrified, please avoid that at all costs.-Okay, I'll try.-Here is a cream to reduce the pain that you will have for a few days.The nurse gave it to him in his hand and
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A week later everything seemed normal at school, no one was talking about Alison anymore, but the atmosphere changed completely in the classroom. In the middle of a class.The representative of class 1 arrived, and invited everyone to a party to integrate the school, mostly for the first year students.The girl had dark blue hair and black eyes, slim build, she looked gentle. She handed out the invitations in the classroom and went to another one.It was Luan's first impression. She didn't look intimidating like the others, as this room was mostly men and it must be hard to be the leader.Some seemed interested, In the class there was a group that kept bothering everyone, and they were rowdy. Even the teachers gave those students a nickname.They were the most motivated, the rest looked at them as routine, and it would be this Saturday in an event room.Alison didn't seem to be very interested in these things. He had his own ideas away from the rest of his classmates. While he tried
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Consequences of a party
After the girls left, Alison decided to talk to him about the systems just to warn him a little bit about it, so he wouldn't make a mistake.-A week ago they caught a person with a type of system. Unfortunately the government won't stop looking for them. -Really?-Yes, those who have one can improve their current level, and learn several things that they would never achieve here.Luan began to think about that and everything he had avoided doing at that moment, for fear of being discovered. He thought about investigating that in the bathroom, while his partner was here.[...]Luan went to the bathroom and started to look at the taskbar and the sections in his system. He noticed that many things he didn't try, but he was hesitant the first time he opened one of those sections, and he brought a strange object to this world that caused him problems at home. It was the first day that a system appeared in front of him out of nowhere.But curiosity got the better of him, he started to look
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They both walked away from that place and arrived at one of the coliseums.- Can't you fight them?-From their height and maturity they look like third years, and with those hoods I'm not sure if they are really students. I can't fight several upperclassmen if they are, although it might buy time for you to look for a teacher.Alison looked a little pale. She was losing her strength at that point. -I can't leave you alone, you look a little bad, maybe it's because of what they threw, apparently I had something.-It's better that you don't get hurt, for trouble, I can hold on, you're used to it.-Don't be stubborn -I took him by the shoulder and we tried to get to the blocks where we were receiving classes, but they caught up with us. They were in front of us.-What do they want?" asked Alison.-Lombardi says hi," said one of the guys.Luan began to wonder about that name, he thought he had heard it somewhere else, but the situation didn't give him time to think any more.One of the g
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One week later
Samantha and Luan spent a week training with Snaider. Until he had to return to his post, as he would have to handle the paperwork for the expeditions.The white-haired boy with a body full of wounds.Despite training until midnight, with the president I knew my body would not adapt quickly to what it learned in training. The only thing I had to hold on to was my ability to react and he wanted to continue training on the side and had gone to a remote area to train and arrived early to his room. Suddenly someone opened the door and it was Alison coming back from suspension time.-You look strange," she said.She approached him and put her hand on my forehead.-Alison, you're too close.-You have a fever, you're too hot, you look like you want to die.-All those wounds, how did you get them," Alison asked.-I was practicing with Snaider.-Really? He's not someone who's good at teaching, he's pretty tough.-Why do you say that, he's your brother, well you're both top students for a reaso
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The expedition
When the day of the expedition arrived, the whole school had completely changed. Luan was carrying two suitcases. He was nervous, his hands were shaking a little, he didn't know what he would find on the trip. From the few comments he had heard from the second year students, the place where they would be was a village.He looked at his watch and went downstairs to meet the group in the small square. All his classmates were there. Several buses were waiting for them, all organized by classrooms. Slowly the buses left for the airport. The director and the administrators were leaving them. From far away, the director and several people who administered the school were dismissed. Gradually they drove away from there, and began their journey.The arrival at the airport was equally much more complicated for them. There were other schools there that would be going to the same place as them. There were more than eight of them and they were sorted by years. They put some kind of bracelets on
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Second day
They all went to their dormitories after lunch, except for one who walked through the corridors, and was followed by Lucia, she wanted to thank him for what he had done.She asked in the boys' room for her roommate.-Hello, is Alison here?-No, he hasn't arrived. Why do you ask, aren't you the one...?-No, me and Alison since we entered this school we are close friends, I'm just worried about his safety, those sophomores, they can beat him up. And you know we have to avoid trouble.-Okay, if he comes in I'll tell him then.-Okay, thank you.Lucius walked down the corridors and from there, he saw a flashlight through the darkness. He wanted to know what it was, but he preferred not to go. He didn't want to get into more trouble, however, he saw something that caught his attention, crimson eyes, just like Alison's.He wondered internally if it was him, and decided to go see him, he thought he was in trouble, because of what had happened.I walked over there, and didn't see anyone. So he
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