The Formidable Reluctant heir

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The Formidable Reluctant heir

By: Lucy winter OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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In a world driven by wealth and status, Logan Ledger a live-in son-in-law of the prestigious Fairfax family, has becomes the target of their disdain. But Logan's love for his wife, Maya, was beyond material and high profile status. Will love prevail? Logan's foster mother's life is at stake, he desperately seeks financial assistance from his in-laws. The cold-hearted response from his mother-in-law shatters his hopes. "I will lend you the money only if you divorce my daughter. She has rich suitors now." Rosalind offers a deal that threatens to tear Logan and Maya apart: money in exchange for their divorce. To her, their marriage is nothing more than a contract, dissolved by her father's passing. "Mother! Maya is not a commodity that you can sell to whoever is wealthier, my wife and I love eachother and that's all that matters, contact or no contact." Will he succumb to the pressures of a society ruled by wealth, or will his love prove to be an unbreakable force that overcome all obstacles?

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  • Author SweetHeart


    This is a nice book. Gets better as the book progresses

    2023-07-26 08:47:00
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30 chapters
Chapter 1
The grand interior of the living room at the Fairfax mansion exuded an air of elegance and sophistication. Adorned with ornate chandeliers and exquisite antique furniture, it reflected the opulence and refined taste of the Fairfax family. Sunlight filtered through the tall, arched windows, casting a warm glow on the Persian rug that sprawled across the polished hardwood floor.Mrs Fairfax exuded an air of authority, her demeanor poised and commanding. Logan took a deep breath, steeling himself for the difficult conversation ahead. With each step he took across the room, the weight of his foster mother's medical expenses pressed heavily on his shoulders.As he entered the living room, Logan's eyes fell upon Mrs Fairfax, sitting regally in an armchair near the crackling fireplace. Logan's face shows that he was heavy with worry and concern, he had come to seek assistance from his grandmother-in-law, Mrs Fairfax. Logan's foster mother's life hung in the balance, with a hefty hospital b
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Chapter 2
Logan quickly stood up and ran out of the cafe, someone could think that a dangerous wild animal was after him.On seeing him zoom off Rosalind gave out a cold laugh and muttered "this is just the beginning, Logan. I will frustrate you untill you let my daughter go."Rosalind scanned through the cafe she suspected that people were looking, she caught sight two elderly man and woman, probably husband and wife, they were sitting just opposite her table, as their eyes met with her's, in a synchronised manner, they both retracted their gaze.Rosalind rolled her big eyes ball in disgust and muttered in a cold angry voice. "What are you too looking at? Why don't old people mind their business?" She then stood up and stride outside while she lavish curses on Logan who had left some minutes ago."This woman might have going crazy." A lady that was watching her closely suggest to her partner seated beside her."I thought as much." The other person said in agreement.....At the hospital Logan
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Chapter 3
"What was I thinking!? How could I allow this to happen? Not me thinking that laying low can help my wife and l to live happily, how insane of me?"As a mere live-in son in-law, it is impossible to protect his wife and his beloved ones, he can't even pay for his foster mother's hospital bill.Logan still on his thoughts. 'I am aware of Maya's genuine love for me, she has loved me despite my predicaments. Money and social status is indeed very important, if not how on earth will I be able to save the one who has been there for me? Look at her laying helplessly on the hospital bed.'Logan briefly looked at Juliana and shook his head then muttered "Without high social status and money I won't be able to save you mother." Juliana was fast asleep, she was having great pain and the doctor had to give a pain relief injection which made her sleep.His thoughts took him back to what had happened earlier at the café."How dare Rosalind suggest such a despicable thing, to sell of my beloved May
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Chapter 4
The Vanderbilt's family are way wealthier and prominent than the knight's family which Rosalind want's her daughter Maya to marry into.Through the phone call Mr Shawn already knew where Logan is at. He arrived the hospital with not less than 12 rolls Royce phantom latest model as escorts.Onlookers were thinking it was the president of the country that has come to visit, but they were shocked when the saw Shawn come out of the executive car."He should be very rich to afford this type of luxury" the onlookers suggested.Shawn stride to the medical ward where Logan and his Juliana were. As he saw Logan he bowed slightly. "Young master, it nice to meet you once again, here is the gift from my master." He handed Logan a black card, the inscription on it reads Nexus X was written in bold. He also handed him an envelope containing a contract making him the president of the Nexus X, located in Gateway City where he is currently living in.In just few seconds Logan has become the president
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Chapter 5
Right away he dialled Maya's number, and before it could ring she already answered."Hello, Logan! what's going on? I have been trying to reach you all day." Maya said nervously."Nothing much, I am sorry, I was fast asleep when your call entered.""No problems, how is Juliana?" Maya inquired."The surgery has be done and it was successful." Logan announced at the sound of his voice one could know that he is really happy."Really!! That's great news Logan." Maya screamed, "I know right?!"Rosalind heard Maya's voice and rushed to her room. "What is it Maya! what's it about the scream." "Hey! I will call you back dear." With that said, Logan understood and ended the call."Nothing, mum. I am just excited." The Conner of her lips twitched into a sly smile as she replied her mother."And what could be making you excited? Rosalind inquired.""Uhmm! Juliana's surgery had been carried out and it was successful." Maya answered excitedly.Rosalind's was shocked at the news, a hint of disdai
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Chapter 6
"About that....., A good Samaritan did." Logan replied and smiled exposing his white teeth. He didn't want to tell Maya about his encounter with his father and how he is now the boss in the most prominent company in the city Nexus X. "Really, that's strange but also a good news." Maya said."So I want you to take back this bag of money and give it back to the lenders. I have money now, though not much but it will serve for a long time."Maya was shocked into silence, how does someone go from being broke to having a sum of money that can serve for a very long time?"It's like you are hiding something from me, Logan!?" Maya said suspiciously."How do you mean, Darling?" "I don't even know the person, as I was seated in the hospital a man on a black suit came over and handed me a check of 1.5 million dollars, he said his boss sent him, and the most shocking was that he knows my name. As soon as he gave me the check he left and I couldn't even get his name.""That's serious, just like th
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Chapter 7
"Yes you heard me well. Edmond is your elder cousin, he should be the president not you."Oliva Was shocked beyond her imagination. 'I thought grandmother was with me all this while?' She thought to herself and gradually anger filled her pretty face making her look older than her age.She was still sitting when Mrs Fairfax made this statement, she had wanted to make fun of Maya before she will leave her office, but she was put to shame by her grandmother's statement.All the while Olivia thought that her grandmother was planning to hand the company over to her if Maya doesn't comply.A snicker escaped Maya's lips as she saw Olivia's facial expression after Mrs Fairfax said that the headship of the company will go to Edmond not Olivia.Maya feels better at least Olivia wouldn't be running the company that would be the worst thing that can happen to her. In her opinion, Olivia is a wicked sister who wouldn't think twice before firing her.Judging from how Olivia treated Logan earlier sh
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Chapter 8
There was a bit of silence, before Maya spoke up. "You know you can always reject most errands if you find it insulting, I always feel bad for you whenever you are being insulted. I wish I can do something.""You don't have to be, I am use to it." Logan replied."Are you really going to clean Edmond's room?" Maya asked looking straight to into his eyes."Of course not, why would I do that? I only run errands for your auntie and uncles, parents and grandmother. I do It out of respect for them and because I love you so much. And besides I didn't a job then."Logan's last sentence caught Maya attention. He actually said that on purpose that was his way of wanting to tell her about his new job. "When you said you didn't have job then, it means you now have a job?" Maya replied.Logan gave out a heavy breathe before answering, yes I do have a job now in fact I will be resuming work on Monday morning. "Tell me you are joking! Logan." Maya said excitedly."What do you think?" He inquired.
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Chapter 9
She stride to were Bardot was laying, he was breathing heavily in pain and she helped him up.When Rosalind heard the noise coming from the living room she quickly rushed out to see what was going on. The other family members who heard the noise also came out."What is going on here?" Mrs Fairfax inquired."You and your family are in trouble. Maya you dare injured me, I will make your life miserable." Bardot screamed as he threatened Maya. Mrs Vita, Bardot's aunt was helping him walk out of the Fairfax's mansion."You all will hear from the knight's family, cowards." Mrs Vita cursed and threatened.The whole of the Fairfax family members present was shaking in fear of their threats, except for Maya and Logan. Logan is now wealthy and he can deal with the knight's family if the try anything stupid. On the other hand Maya knows fully well that her family will suffer for he actions but she would prefer to die rather than divorce Logan just to marry Bardot knights.The Fairfax family are
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Chapter 10
"Huh! huh! So romantic, I want to be like you when I grow up." Maria said sarcastically, her attention was on her phone all the while but what Maya did caught her attention so she just had to say something."I will surely deal with you, when all this is over ." Huxley threatened Logan."I don't blame you Logan, I blame my grandfather, and my naive cousin sister." Grandfather made a mistake marrying her to you, but she can't even correct that mistake, here she is backing him up." Edmond shifted his gaze to Maya, and he shaking his head and siad, "I feel ashamed to have you as a cousin, Maya!"Maria's phone rang just then, it was her agent who was calling, she have being expecting the call for two days now, as she saw the caller her face brightened. "Let me get this you guys" she stood and walked out of the living room.Olivia rolled her eyes in disdain on hearing her."Logan please do not say anymore words." Maya whispered.Mrs Fairfax then summoned the courage and pressed the answer b
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