My Little Ventrue: A story in the Dolareido Universe

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My Little Ventrue: A story in the Dolareido Universe

By: Author faith OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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(Knowledge of the setting not required!) Set in the world of Vampire: The Requiem. Dolareido. A city of dark alleys, dirty contracts, and deadly predators. Predators in business suits and stiletto heels. Jack, just a young man and barely an adult, finds himself on death's door. Before he knows what's happening, he's pulled into the world of vampires, the Danse Macabre, and the Masquerade.

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Chapter 1
~~Welcome to the world of Vampire: The Requiem~~~~Jack~~And then she fell into the ocean after that! Jack struggled to contain the mirth after giving him a stomach stitch. "It was too late by the time we pulled her out." Everything was ruined: the dress, the hair, and the makeup.The younger of the two, Jack, was seated on his friend's sofa. Jack was certain it was a leather sofa or a pricey substitute. The artworks were framed in an elegantly simple, smooth framework, but the walls were a solid white. The paintings themselves depicted dark subjects in terms of both hue and imagery. Although Jack could never be certain, he was certain that many of them were depictions of harsh biblical times.But who was he to pass judgment? He liked clean, white walls without any decorations."Oh wow. And the gala for her high school was this? Julias, who had a smile on his face and a glass of red in his palm, was also seated on the couch across from Jack.Julia was a jerk. No one could dispute it.
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Chapter 2
After Jack said those things, Julias gave him a very serious gaze. He even gave his canines a quick lick. The elderly guy sighed and moved away from the window, heading for his kitchen. The apartment's living area, kitchen, stairs, and bedroom were all seamlessly connected. Surprisingly spacious and large, it allowed Julias to walk to his counter and refill his drink without interrupting the discussion."If you had one, would you?”If I had something worth taking the risk for, would I?"“Yes. Imagine you were engaged in a dominance struggle. Politics. How low would you go to win a campaign?" Julias waited while keeping his eyes level with his little buddy. The sudden gaze caused Jack to flinch a little because of his steely, cold eyes. Why the sudden shift in attitude?"It might depend on how I felt about my competitors, I guess.""Predators . The rest of them are predators. If given the chance, they'd murder you, let alone your campaign", Julias said as he licked his teeth once more
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Chapter 3
It was a chilly evening. When Jack's feet landed on the pavement, he couldn't help but shiver a little. The moon was visible in the heavens after the sun had set a while earlier. At least as clearly as possible in a big metropolis. People were still strolling the streets at this time. Classy dresses and business uniforms were prevalent. Without a question, there were sharks and call girls there, but at least it wasn't as overtly filthy as his neighborhood in the Alley."I appear like a low-class pleb, even to the prostitutes," he said. He had to chuckle at himself and straighten his tie. Present, present, present.It took about twenty minutes to walk to the bus stop, but it was busy and the police weren't exactly sleeping. For the most part, Jack didn't worry about the individuals. He could feel the onset of the chill and the numbing of his digits. Business sneakers weren't warm enough."Pardon me,"Jack nearly leaped. The voice next to him was soft, seductive, feminine, and welcoming
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Chapter 4
~~Jack~~Jack screamed himself awake.“God! Oh goodness!" He panickedly cast a glance around. Couch. A sofa was present. In the background are paintings. Even an enormous window. Julia's residence. He took another glance around. Julias was there, hunched over the kitchen island. Jack had to assume that the look on his face was a strange mix of relief and agony.Jack fell off the sofa and to his knees as the throbs struck him hard.Julias, my goodness! He frantically turned to Julias, asking, "What the fuck...what the hell is going on?," but he was simply standing there, waiting and observing. “Julias! Oh, dammit, what the heck. Was it all a dream, oh my god? Did..." Jack reclined back and examined his attire with shaking hands. They were still covered in blood.His buddy assured him that it wasn't a dream.“What the fuck Julias!?" Jack lifted his shirt to reveal his tummy. His blood coated his abdomen, but the wounds had already healed. He could see that they were no longer hemorrhagi
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Chapter 5
~~Julias~~Julias turned to face his young pupil. While Julias had chosen his normal favorite outfit, a navy lounge suit, two button, single-breasted with no tie, he thought the little Ventrue would look better in something a little more professional. First perceptions were crucial. He outfitted Jack in a gray double-breasted business suit, replete with a white dress shirt and a nice tie.He had a number of suits waiting for Jack. He only wants the finest for his new child.The sidewalks were freezing. People in trench jackets and furs passed by, but his gaze glossed over them even as their gazes drew to him. He was tall, broad-shouldered, and appeared almost like a hit man, despite the fact that he was dressed in a suit despite the cold. He was aware of it as well. The kine passing by occasionally stared for too long, and he returned their look with a small, intimidating smile. They averted their gaze."Viktor is one of the Invictus' three elders." He is a founding member of Dolareid
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Chapter 6
~~Jack~~Jack had never known dread until that moment.It was a large, modern room with a massive wooden table in the middle and massive windows overlooking the city at night. The ceiling was adorned with an array of LEDs in ornamental designs, and the floor was made of the same black marble as the rest of the space. It didn't appear like a conference room designed for typical high-level business meetings. A quick glance around the table showed several objects that appeared to be religious in nature, though he couldn't place them. There were also folders and mountains of paper, as well as photographs of people and objects. TVs on the walls broadcast streams of data, analytics, and telemetry. Some he recognized as stocks and other economic angles, others as crime reports, and still others as product usage data. It was the head of the Xnomina corporation and all of its authority. It was tough for him to look away.But it was the folks inside that scared him.The room had only three ind
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Chapter 7
~~Julias~~ The building was already on fire. “Oh shit. God ... fuck.” Julias stood at the edge of the building, just some run down old apartment building in the old district, but the flames it gave off were starting to rise. He couldn’t go rooting through the building’s rooms, he’d be ash in seconds, but Viktor wanted that data and supposedly it was in there. He paced from side to side and looked through the windows. No fire alarms were going off; the building must have been abandoned. Probably condemned. The neighborhood was in the factory district, old and filled with typical lowlife. He wouldn’t feed off these streets. And it meant it’d be a while before the police department showed up. Which meant he had time. The fire was filling the front windows, but around back and behind maybe there was still time. Behind it, the parking lot was empty save for some broken cars and shopping carts, and the backs of other buildings that surrounded the block in the typical dead-city fashion. I
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