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Lance was diagnosed with having a virus. His birthday was on the first so he had just turned eighteen. What a birthday present, getting such a deadly disease, or could it somehow turn into a good thing?

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Chapter 1
The sun was just starting to make its way down the skyline in the small town of Helster, Iñiel. The few people that were still out and about were quickly making their way toward home. I stood in line with about fifty or so others my age waiting till they could get to me. The VDs, or Virus Detectors, were dressed in what looked like a weird space suit.Big gray boots, white pants and shirt, and a gray helmet totally obscured their face. They had taken great pains to make sure that there was no possible way for them to get the virus. Ever since the brief nuclear war had taken place almost a year ago, things had been a bit shaken up. The missiles and bombs that had been launched and released had totally destroyed a number of various towns. The war would have lasted longer had a deadly virus not been discovered.When the virus had been discovered, a peace treaty was made so that the scientists could try and find a cure. No one knew exactly where the virus came from but most guessed it was
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Chapter 2
I yawned and opened my eyes. I was in a simple brick room with a small cot in one corner, a desk and chair against one wall, and a door on each of the remaining walls. The room was fairly small, only about fifteen feet wide by twenty feet.On the desk by the cot was a plate of food. Steam was still wafting up from it so I knew that someone must have just recently brought it. Next to the plate was a glass of water and a note with a small pill on top of it. It said to take the pill after I had eaten.I ate the pancakes quickly and my stomach seemed to thank me for feeding it. Slowly I reached over and grabbed the pill. It was a dull blue color and I wondered what it was for. Was it safe to take it? It's not like I'm gonna die if I do. I would die no matter what.Once again memories from my past flashed through my head. My dad teaching me how to play soccer. My mom reminding me to practice my piano. Going to the fair, watching movies. I grew sad at the thought that I would never be able
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Chapter 3
I woke up and saw the number 363. Then I opened my eyes. I expected to see a big green 363 on the ceiling but nothing was there. There wasn't any numbers anywhere that I looked. Thinking it was just a dream I closed my eyes to get a few more winks of sleep.After a few minutes the number 363 slowly appeared. It was a bright green color yet it didn't hurt my eyes to look at it at all. I realized that my eyes were still closed. Wait a minute. How am I seeing 363 with my eyes still closed? I quickly opened and then closed my eyes. Nope. No number. I waited a while and slowly the number came back into focus. Man, I think I must be going crazy.I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Maybe it was just an after effect of what had happened yesterday. I thought back to the events of yesterday. I remembered hearing haunting screams coming from somewhere and then meeting a strange woman named Helen soon after. She hooked me up to some strange machine and then—I couldn't remember anything after that. Try
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Chapter 4
362. To some people it's just a random number. To me, it's what I saw when I first woke up. It's how many days I have left. It still seems like a lot but I know that the numbers will keep getting lower and lower.I looked over at my desk and saw that the VD must have been here already. There was a plate of food and I realized that I was really hungry right now. I wolfed down the cereal and buttered my toast and hurriedly ate that as well."Hello? Is anyone there?"I whipped my head around but I didn't see anyone. Maybe I was just hearing things."I guess not."Okay, I definitely had heard something that time. I carefully looked over the room but there was no one in sight. I got up and checked the bathroom but no one was in there and the door that led to the hallway was locked."Life sucks."I knew that no one was in the room and yet I couldn't deny that I was hearing a voice. I shut my eyes and concentrated on listening."I must be the only one."The voice was in my head. I was excite
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Chapter 5
"Good morning!"I bolted upright and didn't even see how many days I had left even though I knew it was 361. Lea sure sounded cheerful this morning and I figured I better answer her because sleep was out of the question now."Good morning, Lea. How in the world can you sound so happy? What time is it? Like 5:00?""Seven thirty-four actually!I slapped my forhead and then grimaced at the sharp sting it had caused."Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?""No, I just like my sleep and right now it feels way too early for me.""Oh, you poor baby!""Shut up.""Fine, fine, I just popped by to say good morning and to ask how your test went yesterday."I cringed as I remembered how painful it had been."How do you survive going through that every day?""You get used to it.""I don't think I could ever get used to it."The VD came in carrying a tray and after setting it down he left without a word. What is it with that guy?"Hey Lea, what are you having for breakfast?""Sp
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Chapter 6
360 days left. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in a big room with stone walls. The one window was covered with wire mesh and there was a small TV in the corner. I was in a strange room. Then everything that had happened yesterday came rushing back.Who were those men in the black combat gear? And why was my mom driving them and wearing the same thing? I got up and tried the door. It was unlocked. I opened it to reveal a long hallway which I started walking down. I had to get some answers. Just then my mom came up the stairs at the end of the hallway."Good morning son! How are you feeling?""I feel fine, but what's going on? Why aren't you wearing a mask?"I gasped and quickly covered my mouth. There was no way I was going to give the virus to my own mother."Lance, it's fine. I'm immune to the virus. In fact everyone here is. Welcome to the fortress!""Immune? You can be immune?""Yes, perhaps I should explain."I nodded."It would be easier to explain while I give you a to
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Chapter 7
I hurriedly ate my breakfast and headed for the door. I wanted to explore the place completely. I jogged down the street heading for the perimeter. Someone had said that the place was about two miles long with the same width.The wall in front of me was about sixty feet high and I could see guards at the top patrolling it so I knew the wall itself was quite wide. I knocked on the wall with my fist. It was concrete and I wondred how it had been put up so quickly. I had only been gone for six days."Who are you?"I felt a knife against my throat and didn't dare move."Lance Pendleton."The knife was removed and I turned to see a guy my age slip the knife into a holder on his belt."Sorry about that but we have to be careful around here. I'm Michael by the way.""Nice to meet you, I guess. Why do you have to be so careful?""In case you were an intruder."I looked at the wall."I don't think anyone can get in this thing easily.""Yeah but in case someone does...""Then what?""We'd kill
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Chapter 8
Stupid alarm. With my eyes still closed I reached over to where I had set the alarm on my desk. I couldn't feel it with my hand and just as I opened one eye I managed to knock it to the floor. I heard it break and figured I should get out of bed.I swung my feet off the bed and stood up. A sharp pain shot through my leg and I fell back to the bed. I crossed my legs so I could see my foot. Stuck into my heal was a jagged piece of black plastic. I winced as I gingerly pulled it out and was amazed to see that a whole inch of it had gone into my heel.Dark red blood oozed from the gash on the bottom of my foot. The blood stopped and I stared in fascination as the wound seemed to be disappearing before my eyes. I could almost see the skin re-attaching itself as the wound fully closed.If I wasn't questioning myself before this surely made me do so. Now I knew for sure that there was something different about me. That was part of the reason that I had set my alarm for 4:00 A.M. so I could g
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Chapter 9
"Hey Eli, I don't exactly know how to control one of those..."My ear piece cackled and I heard Eli's voice."It's easy, just copy what everyone else is doing and if you need help I'll be right in front of you."I stepped onto the platform and rested my arms on the flat poles which I guess wouldn't be a pole since it's flat but whatever. The little green button at the end had on written above it so I pressed it. There was a slight whirring sound as mine and everyone else's helipods started up.I was wondering how exactly we were supposed to fly out of here when there was a roof on the building when I heard a loud creaking noise. I looked up and the roof was actually opening up outward like a double door. It stopped with a boom and the team started lifting off.Since I didn't know how to fly my helipod, I waited till everyone was already out of the building in the air. With my left hand I pressed the one joystick forward and my helipod rose off the ground. I pulled it back and the grou
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