Chapter 12 Rion sliced Ela's neck

Third POV-

The brown dragon courageously appeared out of his power, slaying the vampire, if he wouldn't cease to intervene his heart towards the virgin girl. He swore to make the forest into  ocean if ever his opponent might never leave him.

He promptly commanded his stunning girl to go back to the nipa hut where they took their night. However,  the male vampire strongly pulled the stunning lady to his bloody arms.

Audibly," Aka, ride to my feathers," he clutched his hands to her. Then, Aka automatically haunted her feet to the vampire, especially when the thorns had gone to his eyesight.

The sunlight intentionally shut to the vampire, then his thorns were emerging again which never allowed the male vampire to fly," you could not depart here Aka," what the stunning girl found; the giant thorn dragged her presence to the dragon's hands.

Noise," the vampire is wrongfully yours, right," he said.

Rion dolefully clutched the clouds, he swore to come back to his habitat. But Ela vociferate his tears," don't worry Aka, my eyes are still well to seek the right weapon to slay the dragon." Then, he unintentionally bonked the coconut tree, and when Ela saw the dracula, her feet briskly ran down the pathway. But the scary sound was catching his left shoulder.

When the modest light passed their way," Ela, please advocate my scheme to your confidant," a cool voice said.

As Aka transparently gazed to her right direction; a handsome vampire held her hands to the heavenly mountain. In fact, it was just the normal trail associated with the dragon's eyes. At that time, Ela standingly awesome to face him.

A male vampire secretly sliced Ela's body, while he noisily played the song which Ela fell in love with. On the other hand, Aka moderately gazed at the woman who blindly glimpsed her blood which fell down.

An awesome voice," dragon, can we proceed to the clouds?" As the mythical beasts glanced particularly at the  upper part of the brume; the black guy used his weapon to assassinate the human beings," I hate his action, if I am not mistaken, what  he did to Aka's family before.``

Audibly," Aka, do you notice the long sword? That guy was the person who had assassinated your parents before," he said.

Aka sternly stared at the blood kept on urging her," am I seeing the object clearly? why did I still cast it?" Then, she asked the dragon to proceed to that area," please help me dragon, the vampire is still cutting my neck. I longed to leave his dangerous hands." 

As Rion noticeably stared at the black girl," hey Ela, I am just giving my kiss for you," he displayed his awesome interest to her. But Aka slapped his face," you are a betrayal to our relationship, why did you do that to her?" Her brain imbibed what the Rion informed her," Aka, he had been eating your parents since you were young." Then, she displayed her hatred to him,``So, do you find it."

When Rion found the dragon, alongside his sweetheart. His heart remained guilty about what he did before, though it was reasonable to slay Aka's family, since Pedro had been burning his father's house. He did not like to recall what had been happening since he was young, however he needed to find the right way; to destroy the dragon and Aka's relationship.

Ela's head still jumped above the green grasses, while she yelled to her confidence," what's a bad night? I am still adoring the guy, even though my head has been sliced through his fantastic power. I am looking for his love but Rion did not value my body." T

Since Rion was not able to look for his sweetheart, even though he had centered his eyes to the entire earth. Well, he aptly approached the group of people who were doing their feasts. His target slayed their bodies all, he knew the monster and dragon might see his actions.

Ela was unable to see the earth, she could still see how bad the earth was! However, she could justify what the male vampire did to her. She would always slip back that the vampire longed to hug her body. On the other hand, the dragon delightedly brought Ela to the powerhouse where he haunted her. His heart could not define how pleased he was! He always wished that Aka might never slip back to Rion anymore.

Aka moderately admired to follow the dragon, though she madly disliked to talk with him before, everything attached to her eyes would be the finest light which might be the habitat where she would stay with him.

Before the shadow opened the door, her heart casted back how kind and romantic the vampire was! Indeed, she was wishing to bring him to the astounding world, while the dragon gladly arrived with him in their cool habitat.

That time, the monster inadvertently perceived the dragon's over the moon. He wished the same that Aliya craved to follow his decision in life. Indeed, his wife kept on arguing with him if the monster would crave to take their adventure anywhere. 

Aliya unintentionally longed to hurt her current hubby, but Pedro's spirit kept on asking her presence to go back to the earth; to meet their hearts again. So, she kept on showing her irritation to the monster. Sometimes, her mind might suspect him as the person who had burned her house on the earth.

In the city, Rion finally damaged the people' stomach, so far he had not perceived that the dragon saw his bad actions. That time, the dragon and Aka had heeded how congested the city was! So, the dragon voluntarily came back to the earth; just to fight the male vampire.

Regarding his plan, Aka actually rejected such a scheme, but the dragon intentionally felt pity for Ela's life. Indeed, he craved to bring her to paradise; to be his cook.

Will Rion take revenge on the demon?

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