Chapter 13 war 1

Rion delightedly drank a lot of blood on the ground, while the folks were badly shouting for help. When the painless animal was unable to proceed the earth due to the darkness that had blocked his eyes. So, he ultimately got the flashlight just to hold the people' body.

But the male vampire madly stared at the flashlight, he would be willing to fight with him; just to remove his enraged to the dragon," my enemy, come on to begin our revenge," then Ela's body shifted when the flashlight moderately clutched to her body, not only that she loudly heeded many stones which fell down from heaven. In fact, it was the 100 thorns which had shown up after the dragon recently arrived on the earth.

Will the dragon take revenge on him?

Ela could not control her emotion, especially when the thorns trudge along the way. Her nerves shook up and then her brain intentionally ran into the head for a single minute.  When she shifted her bone to the house, however the male vampire displayed his pleasant face in front of her; then it marked a lasting love for her. Although she felt too much nervous staring at the thorns, but her heart craved  approaching him.

Her buddy just followed the lonely girl who never stopped walking on the pathway. It's just a little bit distance, yet Aka felt green with envy facing the lonely girl. So, she heartedly decided just to proceed above the cloud nearby to the lighthouse where Aliya and monster took their awesome night.

A harsh dragon got his thorns on the soil, just to decline the war except if the attractive woman who must have haunted his life should be there. It failed to attain such an ambition, especially when too much thunder bonked the pathway.

His invisible image got ready going back to the forest, even though he could not meet his dream woman. Aloud shouted,`` God, dragon, king, or anyone please save our lives from the vampire." His heart flawlessly compassionated the folks, especially when he found the heads and hands were ultimately cutting, and then their  blood might cover the entire forest. If ever this would never end what the male vampire did.

His helpful hands brought them back to the center for he might try to heal their stomach which has been cut by the male vampire. Afterwards, he converted the thorns into a horse where the human beings might ride.

There was an obstacle blocking the way, as the horse ran the land. Immediately, the dragon looked for the cause why the horse could not proceed. Then after a while, the horse collapsed on the ground, the people never wanted  to trudge the way. However, the horses are not available for their vehicles anymore.

A harsh dragon heartedly responded to the people who never stopped shouting. Abruptly, too heavy hands were clutching his mouth, then a thunder clipped to his face," you're brave, right? Let me see if you have a potential for war." His bloody image started to display in front of him, and then Aka's body flawlessly rode above the small house which was made by the dragon. The male saw her as the lonely girl like Ela.

Too loud," I don't want to clip my arms to you. Indeed, I show my respect for you, however you kept making a mess," he said. He further disclosed that the male vampire who killed Aliya and Pedro in the 20th century.

Slight laugh in face," you're an insane dragon? I thought you were human beings who idolized the  heart of Ela. I advised you to go back to your normal life," he said. His saliva attached to the harsh dragon,  it misled his heart receiving it.

A cool voice," let me leave you, I should seek the right girl in my heart," he said. And the male vampire interrupted," whose perfect girl, Ela or Aka?"  His serious question has been answered by the green dragon," would you let go back to the past?" He further informed him how his heart idolized the diamond girl. Interrupted voice," would you eat this sword?"

Loud voice," sorry declining your plan, Rion," the dragon left him so he could save the people who were still bloody. Ela confidently approached the attractive vampire, however the dragon warmed her stay away from them.

Aka just wanted to correct their actions, did not mean her heart felt over the moon upon witnessing the dead and bloody people. What he attempted, pointing out that the dragon and vampire may end their argumentation, why it might hurt her heart, if ever both of them will die. Her heart further corrected that she was not in love with these individuals.

Her voice is slightly awesome, linking the male vampire, instead of clipping on the dragon's ears. It led to his inspiration taking revenge with him. His mouth needed more blood to be taken, his teeth quickly dramed the tall guy. In fact, his image is just the dragon, not human beings, when he smartly plans to skip the war.  As he noticed that the sharp teeth were still inserting into his stomach.

Mad faced," I actually want to decline the war, however you intentionally break my stomach,"  he said roughly. Interrupted by the cute voice," dragon, my friend could you please accept his apology? I should be sad if you will fight him," Ela said.  A harsh dragon actually carved accepting the cool request which uttered from her mouth. Nevertheless, his blood began flowing into the dry soil. So, he intentionally pushed the hundred thorns to his face, then he heartedly requested the  horse eating jump above the vampire. A loud intervene," it's enough dragon, I won't you to be criminal just the sake of his bad attitude." Her voice is still unknown when it comes to locating her current address.

Too annoying on his part when the lonely girl intervened. Her mouth revealed that  it's fine if the world will end, at least her love for the male vampire might not cease. A little distant," please get out the horse at the back of my body." And then, it echoed," kindly remove the horse attacking my backbone."

A brown dragon went to the folks who sadly faced their worst day. He heartedly schemed making a house for them," dragon, do you hear him?" He silently went back to the male vampire just giving a lesson for him. Sadly, the male vampire got his arms firing the dragon, it's an effective strategy for attaining his mission.

Aka roared loudly, witnessing how worse the situation of the vampire was. In fact, it was reversed by the vampire to her eyesight. The dragon suffered himself facing the fire which seriously bomb to his body. That time, the folks altered their minds that the cause of the war would be the dragon. So, they bullied the dragon till he might face his death.

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