Chapter 14 War 2

The male vampire dangerously attacked the horse, specifically the feet and stomach. Hence, the horse might be putting his sharp feet into his backbone. His shadow still followed the lonely girl, when Ela complained regarding her attraction for the handsome vampire, it might click to the dragon's eyes. It seemed similar to the needle which intentionally plucked his pupil. He heartedly wanted to look, just to skip out the guns which painfully clipped to his stomach. 

The monster gave one million guns just to fight with the vampire, but when he found how enraged the folks were to his relative. He felt enraged if his body might be bonked by the gun.

Now, Rion approached the folks, who did not hold their arms yet. He gave his instruction to them," we must slay the dragon because he is ugly to our eyes," when they slipped back what they did to him before. Some of them chuckled to talk with the vampire, they linked how depressed and unlucky they were living in the city. Surely, the mythical beast should be the reason; otherwise, everybody lived fruitfully and peacefully in the land.

It gave too much happiness to the vampire, instead of taking his reflection regarding what he did to the humankind, wherever he went; Ela and Aka intentionally  saw his shadow, what they felt too anxious if their images might be striked by the gun. Indeed," Rion, let's ignore the mythical beast, maybe he's insane,"  and then a lonely girl interrupted him," no, you must stop the war, maybe the dragon might come after his death."

Too loud response," why are you looking for it, Ela?" At the back of them, there was a huge  shadow, what Rion expected to be the dragon who may end his life. So, his arms got the triple swords, just pushing out the thousand of guns. Hence, it centered to the shadow's heart, then  he turned on the lights, clarifying the dead. He largely saw the fresh body of Aka who swore much blood, and then her body sliced by the guns. 

Ela could not accept the fact that her finest friend was affected by it. Her heart craved to offer for another life, if the vampire could not. As the mythical beast found what he found alongside him; he regretfully glared at her, even though it's clumsy approaching the folks, yet he bravely approached the vampire, what he always put to his heart filled with shining light. He did not matter if the folks bullied him, his day recognized the sunlight when his dream woman laid down on the ground.

Too angry faced," why do you decide to visit her?" he asked. And then, the lonely girl touched his heart just to focus on the problem. After a while, a yelled voice said," kill the dragon," people said.

As the monster found what the folks did to his relative; he automatically fell down the real picture which genuinely painted the reality. It fell down to the head of the stunning girl, noticing the huge picture; the male vampire immediately rejected it," why do you throw it? Ela asked seriously. Her apple guy did not reply to him even if his voice heartedly held to his shoulder.

Beside the forest, the folks still shut their guns, since they had not oriented the happening. After a minute, the monster appeared on his body, just to herald that the dragon was kind to human beings. His content was full of evidence, however the people did not consider what they wanted to happen; their guns would end the life of the monster.

Will he face it?

The monster revealed how he valued the earth; indeed, his heart kept on shading to their eyes. That time, Aliya loudly heard the bomb which reached to the lighthouse; her heart slipped back when Pedro had gone to her side. Her heart recalled how abnormal she was at that time. Although, she lived her second life  but she felt too nervous hearing the bomb," monster, my honey, could you please cover my body?" Nevertheless, her eyes did not see anyone who trudged the floor. So, she came to the window, just looking at the earth. That  time, he found many people took their war beside the cemetery, then she saw the blood of her daughter who painted the land. Her feet craved to jump down the earth, however the wind did not allow her.

Rion brought Aka's body to the vampire's hospital, his sister used her profession as a doctor to operate on her. Above their building, a loud voice said, "don't believe him, Aka." Due to too much madness, the male vampire let Ela take over his assigned task.

He quickly sought the dragon and continued fighting him, when he passed the forest; the folks still held the monster. Instead of following his mission, he declared that the world was already closed.

Too loud," we won't accept you, we know you are here to convince us," he said.

Too noisy," why are you so guilty? I am not asking like that, I'm here to explain that Aka is not fit for your heart," and then, in a loud voice," indeed, I am suited for her heart," dragon said.

A furious face glared at him,"  would you let this gun pass for you?" the vampire asked. 

Too clear," I don't need it Rion, you still have the obligation to heal the life of my dream woman. Otherwise, I'll let the people know about your plan tonight," dragon said.

In the North and South, the people loudly heard what the dragon said," I'll let them know about your plan for them." At such a point, they got befuddled between the two persons who had damaged their lands. Each of their hearts expected the response from the monster's mouth.

Too clear voice,": would you let me to show the evidence?" monster madly asked. He came out from the folk's hands, his target to the audience about the facts. That time, the  male vampire asked to go back to the awesome girl. However, the folks put their guns in front of Rion's head," is the monster's statement correct or not?" That time, a very pleasant voice said," I want you to kill the vampire," when everybody heard; they immediately dropped their guns. 

The monster won't go back to the lighthouse, unless the dragon could not express his real feelings for Aka. Unknowingly, that girl might not have survived at the time. Same manner, the dragon craved to bring the flawless girl, however his eyes were still blind, but he could smell her.

The war still continues in the land, even if the stunning girl might face her death. At That time, the doctor, a red vampire, still operated on the flawless girl. Her nose smelled the attractive shadow following to the center; her brain slipped back how handsome the dragon was!

Will she connect with the dragon?

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