Chapter -15 Waited for the diamond star 
Too noisy bonked between guns and woods which strongly hit the forest, animals, and people who were still occupying the land. What a sad experience, nobody could leave the city. In short, everything too close except the superman might visit the city, just to bring their bodies to heaven. Imagine the trees were also complaining about the black war which badly affected the people’ lives.

Inside the small house, the red vampire kept on meditating on how to give another life for her. Although he was well-known as an outstanding doctor, Aka's body was still dead, indeed many asked her to bring such a dead body under the soil.

Rion went back to the small house, since it was already 24 hours, however many clouds were trudging above his head,” honestly, that woman is already dying, maybe her eyes might open again, if ever the diamond star might pass this city tonight.” He quickly brought these clouds above the hills, just to continue their conversation, however the clouds had approached th
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