Yamada shot awake with a gasp. A familiar soreness and searing pain radiated through his body. Bruised muscles, and creaking bones.

He sat up with his torso bandaged. He scanned his surroundings. A wooden hut, designed for a small family of three or four.

The bed made for two people, or one obese person. Made of cheap quality and poor craftsman ship. The aroma of spices and meats brewing, caught his attention.

However seeing Harbinger, resting in the corner, replaced his exhaustion with anxiety. Yamada summoned his armour and quietly crept over to Harbinger.

He pushed the door open slowly, creeping outside. Yamada froze seeing Jacara and Ul’lanna tied back to back, sitting on the ground of the living room.

Both of them were unconscious and gagged. He quickly rushed to them trying to remove their gags and untie them.

“Ah, ah, ah. I wouldn’t do that.” Skora said from behind.

Yamada spun around seeing Skora. She wore a simple cotton blouse and leather pants. Without the cuirass, her clea
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