The last three days marching towards the Silver City, had been trouble free. The three of them had gotten to learn about each other, sitting around the camp fire.

They had shared their favourite fruits. Jacara was peaches, however Ul’lanna suspected there was innuendo or lewd reason, to why he chose that fruit.

Yamada was mangoes, and hers was oranges. Ul’lanna and Jacara had learn to their horror, that Yamada’s favourite meal. Was actually a dish of raw fish, covered in herbs, chillies and a salty sauce.

He failed to convince them of how delicious it was, and only gave them an aversion to seafood. She had thought that, Jacara would have made the trip uncomfortable.

Especially after what happened in the prison. However he had spent most of his attention, on learning Yamada’s love making technique.

Incessantly nagging at him to spill the secret, with Yamada doing his best to ignore him. With them starting to set up camp for the night. She felt that even if trouble were to come their wa
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