“Psst.” Jacara whispered, poking Yamada. His eyes shot open, bloodshot and annoyed. “You awake?”

Yamada ignored it, and let out a low mumble. Jacara flicked Yamada’s ear, to no reaction.

“I know you’re not sleeping.” He whispered.

Yamada forced his eyes closed.

“Huh, guess you are asleep. Well I’ve been meaning to get this off my chest. Before you came to the Citadel, me and Gwyneth made love.”

Yamada let out a low growl.

“She told me that, I was the best she ever had. And that no man could satisfy her ever again.”

Yamada’s eyes shot open, filled with rage.

“I’m glad you came, I was getting tired of filling that cave.”

“Jacara, I know you’re lying. So shut up.” He snapped, without turning around.

He smirked. “Oh you’re awake, and you’re right, I am lying. She was a babbling mess after I was done with her.”

Yamada rolled over glaring at him, summoning his gauntlet.

“Will you shut up? Or do you want to try, and see how hard I can slap with this on?”

Jacara scoffed, before feeling Yamada
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