Duel of systems

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Duel of systems

By: Maguire35 OngoingSystem

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Leandro is a call center employee, he is the best salesman in the company, however his life changes when he has a bad month and his own colleagues try to make his life impossible. He tries to calm down and on his way home he finds his wife with another man. He walks towards them to confront them, but is run over and sent to a room where he is told that he has been selected for a systems duel where he has to kill several targets to get out in five months. Will he make it?

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31 chapters
I was a simple salesman in a call center. I offered products of a communication company. Every day, I called more than thirty people to offer them different promotions and items at low prices. It was very difficult to work there. People were very rude and said dozens of rude things to me, it was easier for them to hang up on me or tell me a simple no and that was it. Sometimes I had to hang up on them when they were getting through. I was a pretty nice guy, and thanks to that I was the best salesman, in the first few months some of my colleagues made my life miserable. They would steal my client sheets, or sometimes they would turn off my computer. I got used to that lifestyle. My wife was out of work, and she earned twice as much as I did. We had been married for almost two years. We had no children yet. I took on all the household expenses, I still had to wait a little while to leave this company or wait to be moved to the less stressful customer service area.In the short time I
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From one moment to the next, I appeared in a white room with a strange ringing in my ear. I got up from the floor and a strange announcement appeared. (Welcome user) [You have received a new opportunity] [You will return to life as if nothing had happened to you, but you must do a mission] (Rules) [You cannot be detected by a regular person doing a mission. Simply put, no normal person can recognize you doing the mission Automatically, you go on the punishment list and if you are caught, you will also go on the target list] [You cannot kill another player without being on a mission] [You cannot interfere in another player’s life without being allowed to do so] [You cannot kill external people] [You cannot tell a normal person what you do] [Any rule can be added or changed. Breaking any of the rules makes you a target for as long as the system determines] (Missions) [You will be given missions to kill or steal. There are only 200 available worldwide] [You have a limit of
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The user forced me into the bathroom, with his razor he made me feel inferior. He didn’t hesitate to say all sorts of things to me. “You are a vermin. It’s unbelievable that you’re still alive. You’re the last one in the ranking. I didn’t kill you because you’re worthless. You’re more useless than an NPC.” It was very offensive what he said to me. I had been a system user for hours, I still hadn’t done, or tried anything, because it was, I had the week off. It had just been coincidence that the target appeared in this place. The man pulled out a gun and spoke to me. “The best thing is for you to stay here. You’re worthless, though. It costs no one anything to shoot you or slit your throat just for fun. You’d better hide and until someone eliminated the target.” I felt really bad to hear that. I was trapped in that place and I couldn’t say, couldn’t do anything. It was very distressing. I just opened the door a little bit and saw other users walking around the club. Maybe it woul
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I answered the call so as not to drag that matter out any longer. “Hello!” “You’re a bastard! You reproach me for Alejandro, but you’re the lover of a bitch!” I didn’t really like hearing that, but I kept listening to her. Until I got bored with her insults. “You are a cynic! I see what you spend your money on!” I paused a little and was as clear as possible with Adriana. I didn’t want to be next to her anymore. “I’m going to separate. My mistress wants me to go live with her. Monday we’ll talk.” I hung up on her and turned off my cell phone, I wanted to get some rest. They had been too weird. I closed and opened my eyes, surprisingly I got a notification from the system, I ignored it, but this time something very strange happened to me. I was transported to a lonely place full of ice. It was very cold, maybe I was in the North Pole or in the South Pole. I was only in my underwear and I didn’t know what to do, my short black hair started to fill with snow and my black eyes we
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Fifth .
I woke up to the sound of cars. I opened my eyes and saw Lucia, she was driving another red Ferrari. I was in the passenger seat with an impressive pain in my head. I smelled blood, and I was a little dizzy, I was very annoyed by the smell of smoke coming from some cars, it irritated me a lot. The woman felt that I was moving and spoke to me. -Don’t move too much. You must stay still for a while. -Are you taking me to a hospital? -Almost. Let’s go to my house. I accept your proposal. I need you to help me on a mission. “Why?” “You said you would do what I told you if I helped you. Well I need your help too, some users made groups and that dangerous. This week’s missions are in another city, there are none here.” I just thought to calm down a little, I knew how dangerous it was to face another group of assassins. Maybe that would be short-lived and I could be calm for the rest of the day. However, the further we went. We reached the exclusive area of the city. Only rich people e
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After the impact, the driver got out of the car. Lucia pulled out a gun, I didn’t hesitate to ask her. “What’s wrong?” “Mmm, I have problems with the mafia. Not because of the mission, it’s external stuff.” “A rich woman like you has problems with the mafia?” “One of the companies I own is competition for a mafia business.” After listening to her, I knew that we are all wanted for trouble, regardless of social status. For the first time, I pulled out a gun and prepared to shoot, but she motioned to me. “You better stay, I’ll settle this quickly. The hit wasn’t that hard, and maybe it was an accident.” She got out of the car with the gun hidden in the dress she was wearing. I didn’t try to tell her anything and concentrated on looking at my system. I wanted to see if there was anything that could help me, since I hadn’t checked anything. I could see the announcement of the missions I would have to do. [Missions] [Steal] [Kill]. Obviously, I preferred to be an assassin, my m
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The subject suddenly fell to the ground in front of his bodyguards. I watched carefully through my magnifying glass, trying to unravel the scene and the possible reasons behind his fall. A sense of relief came over me, finally this had come to an end, the target had been eliminated.Lucia, a harmless looking woman, but with lethal skill, was the most suitable person to carry out this type of assassination. She was certain that she had used some lethal poison, thus avoiding arousing suspicion and ensuring that no one would point her out as the culprit.The man's bodyguards desperately tried to revive him, placing him in a van in the hope of saving his life. As I witnessed this frantic attempt, my phone rang, interrupting the scene in front of my eyes."[Target deleted]"Immediately, I tried to call Lucia to coordinate our next step, but her phone remained silent, unanswered. A worry grew inside me, compelling me to leave the building in search of answers. I carefully deposited the rifl
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First mission
The drive to the hospital with Lucia was a real odyssey. My mind was overwhelmed by the stress of the mission full of complications that had brought us to this point. I waited in the hospital room, desperately yearning for news of Lucia's condition.One of her imposing bodyguards approached me, breaking the uncertainty-laden silence. Holding a credit card and business card in his hands, he informed me in a gravelly voice: "The lady sent this to you." I would have preferred to speak directly to Lucia, but we were like strangers bound by a fragile alliance. I took both cards in my hands, noting with intrigue that the business card had the address of an obscure shop that sold guns in town.I needed to talk to Lucia, but before I could say a word, the bodyguard added, in a threatening tone: "She doesn't want to talk to anyone. I don't know what happened to her, but she has bruises on her body. It's pretty strange. I don't know if it was you, but I'm warning you, if I find out it was yo
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"Hey... I'm just a rookie!" I exclaimed nervously, feeling my voice tremble in the presence of the man in front of me. He was imposing and menacing, but there was also something disturbing in his gaze. His words echoed in my head, adding to my discomfort."Look, you bastard, you're saved because the system would start bothering me if I did anything to you. But when we meet again, I'll make every instant agonizing and unbearable for you. In the same way that selfish bitch you do missions with will suffer," he threatened with contempt.I didn't know how to answer him. I felt cornered, trapped in his dagger-sharp words. Fear paralyzed me, leaving me voiceless. However, the man didn't stop there."If I see you again on a mission, I will not fail... I will kill you," he whispered, filling the air with a macabre promise. His gaze was disturbing as he removed the gun from my body and slowly rose from the chair.He was a strange man, but his words resonated in my mind. I had survived two kill
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New life
When I finally arrived exhausted at the luxurious hotel, my legs were shaking and my labored breathing barely allowed me to utter a word. The door to the room closed behind me with a sigh of relief, and I dropped heavily onto the soft bed. The exhaustion was overwhelming, but I could not allow myself to rest for long. In the midst of my exhaustion, I completely forgot about the daily missions I had to accomplish. It was then that I opened the system notifications, and there they were, like a stark warning reminding me that I still had time to complete them, more than an hour ahead of me.That daily routine had become a kind of progressive torture. At first, the exercises were simple, barely a challenge to my endurance, but day after day, the number increased relentlessly, transforming each movement into a painful challenge. Now, I had to face 80 repetitions of each exercise, and my body, exhausted and sore, resisted with each effort. However, I knew I had to start before time ran out,
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