Chapter 102: Negotiation

“She refused to come along and meet me. The fourth hero is respectable, but she is that kind of human after all. The kind of humans I hated. She’s morally black and white.”

Lord Garnet was disappointed with the news. But his calm attitude made me realize that he understood the situation.

“I think Ruti had her reasons.”

“Reasons and excuses are two different things. I still hate her. I allow her to talk about many things. But she let me down… There is nothing for us to talk about. You can walk away and go.”

“Honestly, I would like to ask you something. I would like you to fight the extraterrestrial with me.”

“An extraterrestrial arrived?!”

His eyes widened, indicating his interest. The monsters surrounding him were also shocked after hearing my words.

“... This is bad. I never thought that an extraterrestrial would arrive soon after our last battle. Would you tell us about the details of what kind of extraterrestrial it is? If i


Part three is going to be very long. We are about 10% of part 3. I apologize in advance for the many conversations. I have to make a build-up and create room for some hints on the future of the story. I will learn from mistakes and grow. Thank you very much for reading. Stay tuned

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