Chapter 107: Tragic news

“I’m going to be the healer of the players' party from now on. Added to my skills, Dia teaches me some enhanced skills to further support my team.”

Latina said.

“I never expected to see a Latina here.”

Brendan said. His body is good-looking with newly equipped armored. On his waist was a long sword, which was the holy blade, and on his waist was a knife as a secondary weapon, it was a very nice addition for him.

“Nice seeing you again Brendan. Is everything going on nicely with your girlfriend?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend. Falfa is in love with…”

Falfa blasted Brendan with water magic.

“There are things you should not say casually. Also, Latina should stop referring me to Brendan. I have already chosen someone to be my partner forever.”

“I see, I’m sorry for my teasing.”

“It is great to be young.”

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