Chapter 116: Confront

Retto was about to approach her when Glenn put his hand on his shoulder. Glenn had a serious expression and he walked forward. Retto stopped in confusion. Elaina and Falfa didn’t know what was happening either.

“What are the heroes doing in this place?”

Lana asked.

“Don’t play innocent anymore, Vega.”

After calling Lana the name Vega, Lana’s expression immediately changed into something unpleasant.

“What is happening, Glenn?”

“This woman is an extraterrestrial… Her name is Vega. I saw her once and she was a traitor that led to the death of many players. I won’t forget her face, even if it's a very long time. Ever since I heard your story in your first take of this dungeon, I have had a suspicion of who this Lana is. Why is she always there when something bad is happening? I think it is very odd that a harmless girl is sleeping outside of an unprotected town. This era is the era of demons. Humans are suppressed drastically during t

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