Chapter 123: Back stab

In the time before, Elaina battles Lana. Retto caught himself in the middle surrounded by huge numbers of dark knights. Retto was already exhausted from the never-ending battle he was currently in.

After one dark knight was killed, another one spawned.

Breathing heavily, Retto clenched his sword tightly. Pulling every ounce of his strength to fight back the dark knights.

The dark knights all attack at the same time, swinging their swords down at Retto. Retto defensively blocked all the swords with his one sword. He overpowered the dark knight and leaped upward. As he fell, he rotated his body together with his sword, putting the knight's neck encircled around him all at the same time.

Retto immediately took distance and opened a potion in his pocket. Taking out the lid with his finger, he sipped it down hastily. Recovering his lost energy and healing up a few injuries.

But that wasn’t enough, because Retto’s muscles were already aching and he


The tragic foresight has come true. Elaina could not stop it from happening. Retto and Glenn will both fight for the people important to them.

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