Chapter 126: Time to rest

Spirit possession - The user lets a spirit be fused into their magical flow. The ritual enables the user to contain and control the power of the spirit, dramatically increasing their magic power. Spirit possession grants the user spirit armor that has the same ability as the spirit who possessed Sometimes. ( Sometimes the user is granted a weapon instead of armor.)

In order to use this ritual. The user needs to form a contract for something that has spirits, monsters, spirits, demons, guardians, angels, etc. ( Spirit and Spirit monsters like Falfa are different.)

“She is truly talented.”

Garnet muttered while gazing at Ruti in spirit-possessed form.

“What exactly was that?” Falfa asked.

“Its spirit-possession ritual. In ancient times, when monsters and humans lived in harmony. Humans often made contracts with monsters to get access to magical power. During that era, monsters were respected by humans.”


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