Chapter 163: Meeting continue

“Yuno kingdom being interested with the dungeon. The dungeons are supposed to be secret. Somebody must leak information.”

Latina said worrisome.

“I think all kingdoms already knew about the dungeon. After the opening of Eden city and the attack of the extraterrestrial. Their existence spread through the kingdoms. Not to mention, the other people that came from the first dungeon with us… They probably tell stories to other people or in their hometown.”

Hikari responded.

“Originally… Only Mari kingdom knows the dungeons… The first priestess is the person that summoned the player into this world after all. According to the stories in the past, players are heroes that were summoned to defeat the demons. But that is not true, they are heroes, but the target of players was the witch of the beginning whose hidden above the cosmos. This witch is also the supreme god everyone in Mari kingdom worshiped.”

“This is getting confusing… The players' goal is to defeat the evil god. Does that mean the
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