Chapter 21: Banishing

On the day, the knights attack the demon king castle. The shining stars appeared up in the sky. The star created a huge disturbance in mana around the continent. Overflowing it made an unexpected reaction. Like lightning, light struck down the whole continent.

After the mana accident, The continent starts to have many missing people. Not even a trace of them was left. The effect was unknown but the star shone transparently still above the sky. The reason was unknown.

Year after the knights fall. The kingdom grows weaker and weaker. Leading to the royal family stepping into the war zone. The reality wasn’t all pleasant. The royal family was defeated mercilessly by an unknown force. The only one left in the kingdom was two royal bloodlines. The coward prince Justine Lightcrest and Alina Lightcrest.

The prince did his best to protect the kingdom. Will power is not enough. He's not brave enough. Like everyone said. He's a big coward. Living a luxurious life until


Everything will speed up a little bit. I'll do my best to reach 50 chapters before this month ends. Also, I'll try reading more manga and novels to improve myself. Thank you for reading.

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