Chapter 222: Our Fate and Bonds
Dashing at the dunes of the great desert back to Foire territory. I’m not planning on going to Fiore to ask for help from the knights. I’m merely going to use the route from Fiore to Yuno kingdom. Knights of order aid will be great, but I decided not to bother them. The last time I visited, I find out that they were having a long battle between the kingdom knights. The demon king might be gone, but the war continues. It will be inconsiderate of me if I ask them for a selfish favor.

I have no exact plan on how I’m going to save Falfa. This might seem like jumping on a cliff, but I can’t help myself to jump. I have to save Falfa no matter what. This desperation is driving me to my limit. I’m still full of hatred for the recent events. Why Belle would do something like this? Belle is not the type of girl who will order such a cruel task. I believe in her. If ever I got a chance to get inside the Yuno Kingdom. I’ll make sure to have a conversation with her.

Overthinking about it won’t br

Thank you for reaching this part. The update is slow as ever but I'm doing my best to finish the story. Just when the story going to close. I don't really know yet. Stay assured Part 5 draft is done. Thank you so much again. Adding the story to your library will help a lot.

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