Chapter 35: Crimson heavenly knight

Various extraterrestrial blocks our way. The extraterrestrials appearing are not as strong as the split head serpent. But not as weak as the rabbits earlier. But thanks to Dia’s help, I’m able to fight them without using my grand chariot.

A long slug with eight limbs decedent from the ground. Dia who usually goes attacking hastily stepped back a little while looking at the slimy creature.

Despite being all-powerful. She is still a girl.

“I got this.”

I swing my sword and sliced the slug. My sword didn’t cut it but it was sucked inside of it. Is it soft? Is it hard? I can’t tell at all. The flesh bounced back together with my body.

“What was that?”

“We should just let it be? Slug extraterrestrials are harmless. It doesn’t have weaknesses and has full resistance to all elements. A very terrifying creature.”

Dia explained while she’s trembling.

Taking a glance at the slug extraterrestrial. I notice that it didn't even both

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