Chapter 42: What makes a hero?

“I don’t know what you're talking about. As the heavenly knight who protects my goddess. I have to cut you down.”

Retto made his first move. Kicking the ground going to Glenn at full speed. Glenn intercepted Retto’s sword in the process but it was his mistake. His magic sword is no match to a divine relic. The magic sword on Glenn’s hand got destroyed and her body got slashed.

“Too shallow… I’ll make it deeper on next.”


Glenn doesn’t want to hurt Retto that match. He knows that no matter what Retto does. Retto would just lose because Glenn is immortal.

The wounds inflicted on his body will simply recover. Taking a slash from Retto doesn’t mean that much at all.

Second, Glenn has to conserve his magic. There is no proven way to cure the brainwashing technique. But there is one sure way to wake up Retto from his current self.

Glenn decided to take down the goddess hiding in the cathedral instead. If he manages to take d


This is the author, Harusaki. First of all, thank you very much for reaching this chapter. I'm very happy that I'm able to share this story. Many actions and puzzles are revealed in the latest chapters. The story got slow in the middle, because I'm attempting to establish their humanity in those chapters, but I'm back to fast pace storytelling. I don't want things to be dragged out ad I wanted to write things I like. Part 1 of the story will enter its climax. It will enter part 2 next month. I hope everyone is still with me on this journey. As always thank you very much again. To those who like the story. Following the story will be nice. one increase in views and followers will cure my depression and anxiety.

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