The Favoured Son of Heaven

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The Favoured Son of Heaven

By: Child of Heaven OngoingFantasy

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Why are some more privileged than others? Why do others have easier lives as compared to others? Why do some people struggle and toil while others have life handed to them on silver platter? Right from the start, Memphis had it rough on Earth. From the death of his parents and siblings, his loneliness and also his eventual death. Life didn't treat him fairly and everyday was war and trouble for him. After his death, Memphis is given a second chance by the goddess Daphne as she had pity for him and his plight back on earth. Thus, Memphis reincarnated, this time not as a loser or nobody but rather as a favoured son of heaven, a true genius and powerful entity with his sword piercing the skies! Talent? I'm a prodigy! Awesomeness? I'm its daddy! Luck? You might as well call me Luck's lover! Join Memphis on his journey then and watch him make the entire multiverse his! Right from the world of Balvan to the ends of the cosmos! Please if you like my book or have any suggestions, you can send me comments or rate me. Thank you.

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Ranks for Mages•Beginner Mage•Intermediate Mage• Advanced Mage • High Mage• Grand Mage • Imperial Mage• Legendary Mage• Epic Mage• Mythical MageRanks for Beasts•Primitive Beast•Servant Beast•Warrior Beast•Commander Beast•Great Commander Beast•General Class Beast•King Class Beast•Emperor Class Beast•Mythical BeastELEMENTS• Fire• Earth • Air• Water • Ice• Lightning• Darkness• Light• Summoning • Shapeshifting • Necromancy• Chaos• Curse• Poison• Metal• Plant• Blessing• Healing• Space and Gravity• Shadow• Sound• Psychic• Blood and Bone[NOTE: Not all elements have been discovered but will be later revealed]INNATE GIFTSInnate gifts are rare amongst mages and only a few who are geniuses and are favoured by genetic factors have them. They are grouped into four namely,Innate Abilities Innate TalentsInnate PhysiquesInnate BlessingsINNATE ABILITIESInnate abilities are abilities which a Mage has which allows them to use magic in a way other mages
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Some individuals are born with silver spoons in their mouth; access to more than they could ever ask for and more than they could ever need. Some though, have to bite at dirt and toil, working their hands to the bone for low lives of poverty and hunger, not knowing where the next meal is going to come from.For ages, countless people have all speculated and thought of these questions, some more than others; Why are some more privileged than others? Why are others born to live miserable life? What is the cause of all the difference between others? Luck? Fate? God? All these thoughts flashed in the head of Memphis as he lay sprawled out in a rat infested alley. Blood was rapidly leaking from a wound in his chest and it dyed his faded black T–shirt violet. Life had never taken it easy on Memphis. His mother died from over exhaustion when he was six and his father was given life imprisonment when he was 12. His father's sentence forced him to drop school to cater for his siblings. With
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The Goddess Daphne
Memphis found himself floating in the middle of nowhere. The place seemed endless and the only colour that could be seen was grey. It was like a void. "Where am I? Is this hell?" he asked himself but here was no answer. The void was deathly quiet and bleak looking. There was nothing to keep one occupied in such a place like this, only to continue floating on forever into oblivion.Memphis didn't know how many years, months or days had passed as there was simply no way to tell time in a place like this. It seemed as if time ceased to exist in this place, with the only thing seen was the endless grey void. Memphis felt that he was close to his breaking point as the lifelessness and colourlessness was driving him crazy.Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light and Memphis vanished from the void. Memphis was stunned by this sudden change and checked his surroundings. He found himself to be in what was like a Greek temple with large pillars and all. There seemed to be no one around unti
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A Prodigy is born
There was a heavy downpour happening outside the Lerain mansion but no one in the mansion seemed to care about that as family members, workers and guards could be seen pacing inside anxiously, eagerly waiting for good news. In a large room, a beautiful dark brown haired lady can be seen lying on a bed with her legs wide open. Beside her were three other women in light blue robes, the outfit of midwives. The older of the three women had positioned herself in between the labouring mother's open legs, ready to intercept the baby while the other two were whispering words of encouragement and casting blessing spells on the lady. Everything seemed to be going smoothly.Nana, the older lady though, knew everything wasn't that smooth as currently, she was in a dilemma. Of all her 103 years of working experience, she had never encountered a situation whereby the baby had such a weak energy signature which seemed like it would fade out at any given moment. Naturally, the baby should have been
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The world of Balvan
The baby boy was given the name Memphis by his parents and the naming ceremony had been long held. Memphis was now a year old and he was able to run, talk and walk. As one belonging to a noble family, he had been quickly taught in the house. Due to Memphis having been an older person before, he was able to grasp onto everything very quickly.Memphis had been reincarnated into a world called Balvan, a world where magic was prevalent and powerful mages and beasts roamed the lands. It had a near medieval setting with a bit of magical technology. In terms of comparison to Earth, the world of Balvan was far larger, almost thrice the size of earth, with a population of about 43 billion.There are thirty–two kingdoms in Balvan and one empire. At first, they were thirty three but one kingdom disappeared from the face of the world. All the thirty two kingdoms are vassals of the Empire and the Empire has much control over the kingdoms. The kingdoms have been categorized into three namely, top t
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Growing up as a rich young master
Rich kids and nobles have an edge over commoners or normal people and that is their wealth. They have access to money and resources that makes their life enviable and enjoyable. Fortunately for Memphis, he was on the good side of it. Back on Earth, he remembered the webnovel books he used to read in his boredom and solitude. Almost often, the protagonist was trash and later became stronger, or was from a Noble family that rejected him due to certain circumstances which made them struggle and toil for resources on their path to get stronger but well, not Memphis. As the only son of the family head, his family loved him and doted him. He wasn't just in any noble family but rather one of the most powerful ones in the kingdom. With this, he was sure that becoming a Mage was going to be a piece of cake.Currently, Memphis and his family were having their breakfast in the large family dining hall. Well dressed servants holding trays of sweet smelling delicacies entered and began to do the
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Memphis is now five years old and he has reached an important part of his life; Awakening. Awakening was a process where people awoke their elements and became mages. It also allowed the person to find out if he had any innate characteristics. Generally, Awakening ceremonies were held when the individual was 8 to 10 years old but for those in Noble families, they had it five years. This gave them an early start in magic and by the time they reached the normal age, they would have broken through to the next level.In the Awakening ceremony, there were many things needed. There were three crystals needed. An awakening crystal, a white crystal to check innate characteristics and a purple one to check mana capacity. All these had been bought beforehand by the Lerains and it was left with the ceremony to begin.There was a lot of activity going on in the Lerain family mansion as servants could be seen moving quickly and carrying out their duties, decorating the mansion and arranging the r
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Unparalleled Prodigy!
Mana was the energy in which mages used to cast their spells. Thus, the more mana one had, the more powerful spells he will be able to cast. A mage without mana was like a gun without bullets; both wouldn't be that useful to anyone. Thus, all mages tried to increase their mana capacity to allow them to become more powerful. Memphis stood in front of the white mana crystal. Taking a deep breath, he place both hands on it and closed his eyes. "Concentrate on your magic," said Arius Lerain to Memphis. Memphis ignored everything and focused on himself like he had been taught. Slowly, there was a light blue glow emanating from the crystal. Irias Lerain took out a small device and held it near the crystal. Numbers started to appear on the device as the crystal continued to increase in intensity. The room was solemn as everyone waited hopefully. After all if you had four elements with gold Affinity but didn't have much mana to support it, you would be lacking in terms of strength. "10 unit
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Learning spells 1
A week had passed since Memphis' crazy Awakening ceremony. Of course Ralph too had undergone his Awakening ceremony and when he met Memphis he was ready to brag about it."Memphis, could you believe that I awoke the Lightning element? And I have a gold Affinity for it too! I even awoke an Innate ability and an Innate body! I'm awesome right?" Memphis shook his head at his friend's antics. He didn't want to pop Ralph's balloon of happiness. He would probably have a seizure if he heard that he awoke four elements, had gold Affinity for all of them and awoke all innate characteristics on top of that!The Lerain Mansion was very huge and had a lot of open space for training and dueling. There were five different spaces, all for training and duelling. One was underground while the other four were to the North, south east and west parts of the mansion. Currently, Memphis was with his three Uncles, Talis, Philip and Donlan with his aunt Maureen tagging along. They had decided to take some t
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Learning Spells 2
Memphis woke up full of energy and ready to continue his learning. By the time his uncles and aunts had arrived, Memphis was already in the training grounds casting fire spells.Donlan nodded in satisfaction. At least his work would not be difficult. The boy was hardworking. Memphis seemed to notice their presence. "Good morning uncles and aunts! See, I've been able to make my own Fire spell!" said Memphis with a smile. "Excellent! Let us see it!" commanded Donlan. Memphis nodded and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath he thrust his hands forward. "Flame whip!" he yelled. Whips of Fire coiled around his arms. Turning around, he slashed at a nearby dummy, leaving a long burn mark. Donlad and the rest of his uncles begun to clap but Memphis wasn't finished yet. Thrusting his arms forward again, the flame whips left his arms and condensed into a normal looking spear. "Flame spear! Explode!" Little Memphis yelled out, hurling the spear with all his might to another dummy. The spear exp
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