Chapter 46: The key

A giant dragon glowing in brilliant golden colors appeared.

“The guardian… That dragon is the guardian of the dungeon.”

Dia said.

With that stated, all knights force themselves to grip their swords and turn their bodies to the giant dragon. They are all exhausted from the last battle. More than half of the knights were killed and the boss room is already tainted with blood.

The same with us.

After using Grand Chariot, my body hurt so much. I can’t even move an inch. Elaina used lots of her magic after using her ultimate magic. The same goes for Dia, Ruby, Elesis, Noella. Glenn can fight but looking at his expression his unsure.

Our last standing hope is the knights and other heavenly knights whose still alive.

“Long time no see Dia.”

The dragon spoke.

“I guess it's been a hundred years since I battle you here.”

“That’s true… I still remember your defeat. But now seems like you gather lots of comrades to


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