Souls Of Change

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Souls Of Change

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In a world where advanced technology coexists with extraordinary abilities, Emmy Krane, once a promising footballer, finds himself thrust into a cosmic struggle beyond imagination. Here’s the tale of his journey: Emmy’s life takes a dramatic turn when he unwittingly becomes entangled with a god, gaining a mysterious system that alters his destiny. From the glittering stadiums of a promising football star to the heart of an evil forest—the Black Eye Forest—Emmy battles monsters and undead creatures alongside his schoolmates. Their escape from the forest sets him on a new path—one that transcends sports and leads to international stardom, finally becoming a professional footballer. But fate has other plans for him, thinking that he has finally fulfil his dream of becoming a football star. A revelation paints Emmy as a threat to the very fabric of existence, the Legends, once revered protectors and the most powerful existences on earth, now see him as the harbinger of doom and then he was hunted down. As the horrors he unknowingly brings forth, the revelation came to past due to the failure of the legends in eliminating him—monstrous beings, demons, and chaos—unleash upon the world, Emmy grapples with his role in this cataclysmic dance. The power of human race weakened, they were threatened to be erased from existence by the chaos, desperate to save humanity, Emmy embarks on a quest, a quest to face the force behind the chaos. His journey takes him to the past—a primitive era devoid of technology. Here, he meets a past version of himself: a lonely, miserable and powerful god ruling over a dying tribe. Emmy’s fate intertwines with this deity. As Emmy grapples with his identity, he must confront the ultimate question: Can he rewrite destiny and save humanity from its own demise?

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Emmy Krane
Cheers could be heard coming from a large tower like stadium that was beaming with different colors of light, the sound of joy and cheers of people could be heard all over the city. Rays of different light were flashing through the city and the city vibes song was booming energetically. Cars moving midair had stopped, holographic of the match that was about to unfold could be seen display all over the city and some were watching it from their resident.In the stadium itself, a particular name could be heard among the audience, it was as if they all came to watch this person as they keep screaming his name and waving yellow flag with big EMMY embedded on it."Emmy Krane.""Emmy Krane.""Emmy Krane.""Emmy Krane."Standing at the centre of the field with his team mate, was a man named Emmy Krane. A 186cm tall young man with a bright glowing skin and golden long hair that was glowing brightly with his skin, he had a yellow band on his hair and a pair of crossed silver ear ring piercing h
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The World They Live
This was his question to the cops that day, and the punishment he received after saying those words, he couldn't forget it in his entire life. This is a world where nobody cares about your words unless you have the power to back it off, so hearing Emmy said those words had frustrated the cops. This is a world where ability rules, every person has his or her own ability, and once you're five years of age, you'll be able to cultivate your ability using your family techniques, every family has their own technique to cultivate their talents, and this techniques will determine how strong your ability is. Everybody can possess an ability once they have the right family technique to cultivate it, those who don't have an ability are among those who don't have family to use their technique or those who their family technique was unable to be used to cultivate their ability. There are people who couldn't cultivate their ability with their family technique, is either their ability does not
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Not My Son
This is what Emmy had been doing for the past few weeks, every time he got home, he will practice the techniques in the book. He had received this book from Jone. He remembered the day he received the book from his dog, it was a rainy Sunday evening, he was in the garden under a flat tree that protect him from rain. Jone ran inside the garden with a wooden box in its mouth, all its body was bruise and bloody, its white skin was bloody red. Emmy had dropped the book he was reading and ran over, he picked Jone up running back under the tree, but the box had fell from Jone's mouth and as it did, Jone bark weakly and pointed its finger towards the box which Emmy had quickly picked up. Getting back to where he was, he dropped the box at the other side and started giving Jone what he could, just to make it feel better. "What did you get yourself into, where are you coming from." Emmy asked with tears in his eyes, he don't want to lose his dear dog and his only companion. He can't take J
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Lord Lucifer Technique
Emmy fell down screaming as he could feel a great pain inside of him, it was as if his internal organ was burning into crisp and his mom and her boyfriend left him and move inside, they don't care about what happen to him. Jone quickly ran over to him as it could hear him screaming in pain; using its mouth, Jone dragged him towards the tree with large branches and flat leaves, then running over to different flowers; Jone was taking them one by one before running back to Emmy who was screaming in pain, the flowers was being chucked into his mouth, Jone was running all over the garden to different flowers. This was quite a nice sight to see, a dog that cares so much for its owner and Emmy seeing this, it was bringing back a sense of Deja vu to him, he remembered he had being in this same situation as Jone before, but the flowers didn't have any effect on him and the pain was increasing. 'Why is this happening to me? Am I going to die like this?' He thought as the pain was increasi
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Souls Of Change System
[Congratulations, you have received the Souls of Change System] "What the f*ck? What are you changing in my soul?" He yelled out. This is the only thing Emmy could think of, as he saw the word Souls of Change, because the word had said it all. [Requirements to unlock the full access of this system have not been met] "What requirement is that?" He asked. [The system is under Lord Lucifer influence and to gained total freedom, you must complete the following task] [1. Curse at least three different people a day for three days. The curse must be said directly to them in their face] "What the hell? This thing is trying to kill me." He shouted, because he knew this was an impossible task for him, he doesn't have the confidence to curse people and said it directly to them, even the man who entered with his mom that he challenged, he doesn't know why and how he had done it. If it was his past self before he was punished by the cops, it would have been an easy job but not now that all
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Blood Carpet
A teenage boy could be seen running on the quiet street filled greenish plants on each edge, and a white dog could be seen running after him. After a few minutes, the boy stopped as he realized what happened. "I'm dead." Emmy said, he slightly bent down and held onto his knees as he was huffing and panting. "Jone, I'm dead, what should do? please tell me." He asked his dog as he fell on his knees and started weeping. [Quest completes] [You have sent the man out of your house] [Lord Lucifer influence is growing in your heart] "This damn system; it ruined my life. Lord Lucifer or whatever you call yourself, just wait for me, I promise to crush your balls anytime I lay my hands on you." He shouted. Now he knew he couldn't escape the task that asked him to stay away from home for three days, because there's no how he will sleep in that house without getting killed, so he knew the decision is his' to make now. Jone looked at him with a flow of water running down its eyes, the dog
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A Cool Dog
Emmy's mom drove to the nearest infirmary; getting to the teleporter station, she was transported to the nearest street to an infirmary and as she drove through the street, a tall building could be seen standing tall at the heart of the street, it was about six hundred story building painted in white. Driving towards the building, the large gate opened widely and she quickly zoomed in. Two AI bot in white robe had come out of the building and a metallic gurney could be seen moving behind them. They quickly got to work as they both pull the man out of the car, lying him on the gurney with his back facing the sky. One of the bot twisted its hand a few times in a strange way and coming out of its chest was a metallic tool box, and they have quickly got to work, bringing out a tiny scissors-like tool, they used it to torn the man's clothe off before they started injecting different liquid in his body. The gurney was moving on its own as the two bots were working on the man. An older ma
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The Fighting Dog
[New Quest Received] [Be brave and move back to your seat, till you get to the destination that was registered for you on board] [Reward: None] [Punishment: Going through hell] Emmy looked at the message with a confusion on his face, he hadn't registered any stop when he entered the bus, he wasn't asked any question like they asked others who had come in after him. 'What destination is that; I don't even know where I'll be stopping.' He thought; but then, he remembered the guard that stopped the bus for him, was talking to one of then attendants before he entered. 'Did that man registered the vet house for me? That's still a great distance to go. I can't wait here, I'm not doing the damn quest, I prefer to go through that f*cking hell.' He shouted in his mind and his act had caught the attention of other boys with Don. "Hey, that guy look like Emmy." One of them said. "Idiot, do you think that trash can afford to board a bus." Another replied. "He was sitting with you, right
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Target Found
Emmy had carelessly jumped out of the bus and started running in a random direction not caring if he had injured himself or not, Jone was held between his armpit. After getting out of the main road, he turned left and started running straight in the hallway of two tall buildings, people look at him as he was running with a white dog in his hand, some thought he might have stolen the dog and the owner is running after him, but they couldn't see anyone so they just ignore him and walk off. Running out of the long hallway; Emmy entered another street where he could see more people, they all had their phone out streaming the net, many of them were walking with their phone, somewhere standing while some sat on the street metal chair. He stopped running and started walking like a normal person, he could the whispers of the people and it seems like they were watching something interesting online. "Hey, come and look at this." "Is it the amazing dog's feat?" "I guess you've seen it." "
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'Damn it; a speed ability user, and a higher level at that.' Emmy thought."You have messed with the wrong person tonight; I'll make sure you don't live to see another day." The large man said.'What do I do now, this damn Lucifer left me again after getting into another trouble.' When the system had stated that target found, he's body moved on its own, he couldn't control his body and as soon as the man appeared in his front, he could control his body back.Thinking fast, he turned left and started running towards the hallway but he soon saw the man blocking the hallway. Turning to run in another direction, the man was right in front of him again."Where do you think you're going, kid." The man said.Emmy ignore the man and turned around only to see the man again and before he knew it, the man had grab him by the neck and lifted him off the ground."After stealing from me, you think you can escape?" The man asked."Please don't kill me; just take it back, you can give me a little bea
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