Chapter 66: Raise of the fallen knight arc (Part 12)

Looking up in the dark sky, I was wondering when this darkness ends. It was ten years already since the dark clouds take over the sky. Ten years already passed since the knights fell from their mission.

Our feet are tied with chains, on its end was an iron ball. Place of our foot so that we can’t run away.

I wonder where I can run away. There is no safe place to return to. Nor home to return… My town and the people I treated as my parents are all gone.

What’s only left is me… My lonely self.

I’m seating on the huge rock. I go down and walk. With the iron ball on my feet simply walking will cause lots of pain. Ten years already passed since this iron ball is stuck with me and I’m still not used to it.

I have to go back to my work or else I’ll be in trouble. Something I don’t want to happen.

The resident of this small town near the demon king castle is all slaves. Slaves whose task is to mine minerals on the mountains. We give break but


Right now, I don't know how long is the parts of this Arc... It's quite long... Very long... As always thank you for reading.

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