Short story 8: Eternal Flower (Part 5)

Back in the city where Fina lives. Denver and I go straight toward the flower shop and find out that Fina is not there anymore. I tried knocking on the door of the flower shop but no one answered. I went toward the back and went out at the window. I saw no one inside.

Seems like no one is home.

A grim expression was seen on my face when I realized something so terrifying.

Could it be…

While I have my face pressed on the window glass. Someone put his hand on my shoulder. This resulted in me being startled.

“Are you looking for the family living there?”

As I turned around, I saw the same old woman who had given me the hot chocolate when I first got there.

“Yeah, madam. I’m looking for Fina and her family.”

“Well, they go to their hospital because their daughter is not waking up anymore. Looks like the illness of their daughter has become worse. She is so young yet suffering so much. The world sure is cruel, isn’t it?”


A life only holds its meaning when you live it to the fullest. I hope someday I find meaning in this life journey before the end.

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