I Have All Job Class

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I Have All Job Class

By: Grandmaster CompletedFantasy

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Hells were spawned from all parts of the world. Arthas and his friends were tasked to eradicate them. With job classes as a source of power to get stronger and battle demons, they struggled to fight for humanity. They fought and one by one fell, only Arthas and Lukas remained. Arthas was then betrayed in their last fight on the last Hell with his friend and his lover. With a chance given by a mysterious Godly entity, he received newfound powers. He will become the Job Class Overlord. The Supreme ruler of all job classes! With a second chance given to him, he was reborn in the past as a weak kid, a cripple bullied for many years. With his job class that rules other job classes, he will become stronger and stronger; finally take his revenge and kill the demons that have plagued the lands.

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Chapter 1
"We arrived at last. To the final dungeon," Arthas said after reaching the double doors leading to the final boss.They fought numerous monsters on the way and they exhausted themselves. Three days of fighting took a toll on their stamina. Others were already panting after the last battle, it would be foolish to back out. There's no turning back, they all thought at the moment. Even though the battle will cost their lives, he still hoped to finish this! All for the sake of all who died for humanity!They have exhausted themselves and they all used their health potions when they fought numerous monsters. All was at stake, their lives were already in line. Broken armors were what they currently have after the last bloody battle. Fifteen battle-hardened men were what was waiting at the humongous door. There were stronger demons inside it acting as bosses, and only after their death would the gates to the dungeon closed. They were called the "Prodigies" of their generation. All were t
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Chapter 2
The world was attacked by unknown forces and then made dungeons on the lands called Hells. Many adventurers gathered and they later became conquerors of Hell. As this phenomenon began, many job classes spawned and were incorporated into the later-on called adventurers. They were mysterious existences called Gods. They were given as help to humanity. Their existences were unknown until they declared their presence and the first ones to receive the job classes were later on called the "Pillars". Only the Pillars were the ones who met these Godly existences. And they, later on, found out that they can pass these powers to the next generations. Many guilds were established and also an Academy was built. They soon trained the young ones and mastered each other's, job class. The dungeons spewed out monsters that slaughtered many citizens and villagers. The monsters spread forth like a plague. Also, mankind chose to settle in settlements in the cities with the dungeons appearing from one
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Chapter 3
Arthas was trash since young and his peers were all either ridiculing him or even to the point of bullying him. His physique stats were all lame and his cultivation potential was also trashy.Physique stats were the measurement of your bodily capacity. As such, it was honed from a young age. Even with training, Arthas was still not growing. He was a cripple, others commented to him.He tried to improve but it was all for nothing. With him having all kinds of training weapons since young, he improved with his weapon mastery. Crafted by his father as a gift for him before he died. Though he didn't get much far as he was weak and thin; and due to being poor also. He lived solitarily from the death of her mom. As a kid who didn't have money, he tried to work as a blacksmith assistant. Also brewing potions and doing enchantments. His past knowledge became of use after he was sent back to the past.Arthas then worked and worked every day in the blacksmith shop and doing alchemy and enchan
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Chapter 4
It was then, that he was escorted to his dorm with the others. As for the higher-ranking students, they have their quarters with a courtyard outside. Well, Arthas belonged to the lower class of students, and that was why he was put in a lower-class dorm with rundown rooms. Also, the allowance and cultivation pills were lower as they were a lesser existence compared to the higher-ranking inner disciples. He entered his room and then cleaned it up a bit. The webs were protruding on the ceiling and they felt a bit distracting in his eyes. Like a speck of dust that entered his eyes, it was irritating on his side. The room was slightly spacious with a dresser of uniforms, a bed, a study table, a chair, also a bathroom on the side.He then went to cultivating his potential. It was very important as your job class's growth relies on it. Also, the skills grow too along with it. And so he started his cultivation. Being in lotus form, he inhaled air and circulated his mana inside his body.
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Chapter 5
Morning came at the break of dawn. Arthas went towards his dorm and was sleepy and tired. His arms were shaking a bit and he massaged them to alleviate the stress on his muscles.As for his knowledge of such ailments, he needs the skill "Minor heal" of Holy Knights Priests. It makes the muscles reattach after it was ripped apart from excessive training. He would need to invest in that skill in the future. After he arrived in his dorm, he went to cook for himself. He purchased pork and made broth with it. Eating afterward. He went to the dresser and dressed in his school uniform. White polo with the seal of the school on the chest. A black slack on the bottom then belted it. He went outside with his backpack that was enchanted with "Deeper pockets" to have a greater amount of items to be put inside. As he saw the school, it has majestic vibes rivaling the castles of kings. The architecture was top notch and it didn't lack when it comes to design. The walls here were painted white.
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Chapter 6
Arthas went to school early in the morning. Drey was with him as they entered the gates. "Hey, how are you gonna beat the elites with your job classes? You are still weak. Compared to those who were trained when still young. Don't mind their job classes, their cultivation pills were also tantamount. We are poor people and middle-class nobles can only have enough cultivation pills," Drey said sadly."Don't worry too much. I know alchemy a little," Arthas winked at him."You know? Wow!" Drey muttered."Yep, I know alchemy, enchanting, and blacksmithing. When my parents died, I was forced to learn for survival. And I became skillful with it!" Arthas said as he patted Drey's shoulders. "Wow, how nice to be skillful," Drey said with a little jealousy. He returned his soul to the past when he was still a baby. For him, it was tiring. To start again the second time around. But all was at stake here. The future was still unknown. "Artaz, look! The Elites!" Drey shouted while pointing in t
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Chapter 7
There was a way to cultivate your physique stats and that was by absorbing stat crystal. There were crystals called Strength crystal, Dexterity crystal, Endurance crystal, and Focus crystal. There were also Health, Mana, and, Stamina crystals and their regeneration crystals. There was also a Skill crystal that you can use to upgrade your skill.As such, it can help in raising your physique stats by absorbing the crystals while cultivating your physique. Arthas ventured into the monsters' forest to collect those. Having a sword on his waist and leather armor with a curved dagger on his back. A bow and a quiver of arrows were on his back. He also didn't forget to bring potions with him. With his bedroll attached to his backpack, he was ready to go on an adventure. Also brought his rations with him, dried meat that was ready to be made into soup with just water and salt. He went on an adventure on the edge of human settlements. Today was its weekend so he has time for a little leisure
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Chapter 8
Raising funds for the skill books needs huge money. And so, Arthas scoured the forest for herb gathering. The place was humid and was at the right temperature to grow herbs. The place was a natural habitat of such plants.He scanned the surroundings and went to find clues for such plants. After several minutes, Artaz then found Blood herbs on a rotting tree and then observed. It glowed in pulsating red as he watched it. He immediately plucked it carefully and put it inside his backpack. It was a couple of herbs that were harvested. It will be enough to have 3 potions with what he has. He immediately went to find more herbs to be brewed. Luckily, he found magic herbs in a damp place in the forest. Having plucked several of them, it glowed in bluish radiance. He put it inside his bag and then went on with his hunt for herbs. After scouring the forest, he went on towards the riverside. Then, after several minutes, he saw several Energy herbs that glowed in a greenish hue; waiting to be
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Chapter 9
Arthas watched the mirror and washed his face. It was morning and he has to go to school. With it, he dressed and packed his bag.As he went to the school gate, he saw the bullies waiting for him. Arthas was taken aback, they seemed aggressive in their bullying these days. "Hey, look at who's here. Is this the trash that we all kicked?" Drake grinned and then snapped his fingers.They clenched their fist and landed a blow on his face. Arthas tried to evade but his physique stats on Dexterity lacked. Although he has ample numbers in it, they were faster than his eyes can see. His reaction speed lacked and so, he received the blow. He was then down, lying on the ground then tried to stand up, they then kicked him on the chest and stomach. Making him suck air and then held his breath due to the pain.They continued doing so until one girl arrived. "Hey! Stop doing that or I will report you all!" said the girl with black ponytail hair. "And what if we refuse?" Drake said then they ch
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Chapter 10
With the vast number of job classes, Arthas chose to learn his past job class first. With the knowledge of that Job class, he will learn it faster. As his mastery of that class was at its peak. The Conjurer has 4 skill types. It was the Conjure weapons, Weapon mastery, Conjure illusion, and, Conjure sentient weapons. With it, he went to the Conjurer Halls. Having the flag of the Conjurers with its seal in it. He entered and saw the potential students of the said class. Many were already training on the training grounds and he saw the teachers teach the new students. He went to the desk and saw a robed man. He has the ambiance of a strong person, a master in his rank. "Hello sir, I would like to register as a Conjurer," Arthas was excited to be assessed. It was then, he was given a crystal ball. His face was seen reflecting on it."Touch the ball and we will know if you are a Conjurer," he said in a lifeless tone.Arthas then touched the ball and it glowed."Congrats, you are ind
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