Infinite Armory System

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Infinite Armory System

By: Moizyrav OngoingSystem

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Elrick Aldof—A lousy young man whose life is full of misery and failure at all costs, unexpectedly discovers a system that magically has an infinite arsenal, full of various weapons! In the face of the irregularities in his life, he was shocked when the terrible 'Mad Wolf' virus hit Okazaki City overnight. Suddenly, the town where he lived became deserted because there were rampant zombies, and the streets were full of corpses in the form of zombies. How will Elrick Aldof act in facing the system to save his life and the lives of his relatives and close friends?

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  • Moizyrav


    Good. I'm really looking forward to the story!

    2023-10-06 15:38:14
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120 chapters
Chapter 1
Elrick Aldof is a small clerk at a company funded by a foreign company. His life is full of misery and failure in any way. For five years straight, he repeated the same experiment nine to ten times each day. His life is very simple and boring. Sometimes, she was always very depressed thinking about whether or not her life would continue to be messed up like this. However, something strange happened that changed his life's fate. One night not long ago, he hosted a mysterious and strange courier. From then on, his previous life that was lousy, peaceful and boring was finally completely destroyed. Elrick Aldof could remember the events of that day very clearly, happening at midnight seven days ago. At that time, just after twelve o'clock, the hometown where he lived suddenly went out. Suddenly, it was pitch black outside the window and everything was quiet. He also turned off his laptop and was about to sleep. "Boom! Boom! Boom!" However, at this moment, at the living room's security
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Chapter 2
By the time Elrick Aldof woke up from his drowsiness, it was already past seven in the evening. He rubbed his aching and swollen head, and suddenly a very strange feeling rose up in his heart. It felt like a ball of light was being inserted into his mind. Even though he couldn't see it, he could still see clearly. Feel it. As soon as he closed his eyes, before he knew it, he felt that there was a mysterious ball of light hidden in a certain corner of his mind in his mind. When his mind touched there, it suddenly became another. An intense pain came from him, and cold sweat all over his body. After half an hour, this intense pain slowly disappeared, and at this moment Elrick Aldof, he felt the energy in his whole body, as if being emptied again, exhausted and exhausted. At this time, he resisted the urge to continue sleeping, dragged his exhausted body, got up to eat, and then called the company supervisor again, took a month off, and prepared to rest to recuperate. Because he felt
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Chapter 3
At the moment when Elrick Aldof had just made the decision to enter Infinite Arsenal, he suddenly felt a sharp buzzing sound in his mind, then his eyes darkened and his brain went blank for a moment. When he opened his eyes again, he found that he had appeared in a brightly lit warehouse. The warehouse is not very big, only dozens of square meters, especially the large display on the wall at the end of the warehouse, which seems familiar. Suddenly, he remembered that strange nightmare more than a month ago. In that strange and surreal nightmare, he was chased by a mysterious figure covered in black mist and signed a black rescue contract. Finally, it also appeared in this warehouse. Thinking of this, Elrick Aldof was secretly surprised. A mechanical voice sounded respectfully in his ear. "Congratulations, Master, for entering the boundless warehouse. Is there anything you want to do?" Hearing this voice, Elrick Aldof was taken aback, followed the direction it came from, turned his
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Chapter 4
With a familiar buzzing sound, bursting out of his mind, the brain once again experienced a brief period of emptiness. When Elrick Aldof opened his eyes again, he found that he had appeared in the warehouse of Infinite Arms Depot. At this time, the sound of the Aibo robot resonated in his ears. "Welcome chairman to enter the unlimited arsenal again. In addition, congratulations to the chairman for successfully completing the task in such a short time!" At this time, Elrick Aldof's face was pale, with an indecisive look. After standing in the warehouse for a long time, he took a breath to calm his nervousness. at this time, he looked at the robot standing in front of him, and asked. "I have now successfully eliminated three zombies and completed the mission. Now how to upgrade zero-grade armament to first-tier armament?" Aibo pointed at the giant screen in front, and said respectfully. "It has auto-increased once you finish its task!" Hearing this, Elrick Aldof raised her head and
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Chapter 5
After a moment of blankness in Elrick Aldof's brain, he opened his eyes and found that his body had appeared on the balcony again out of thin air. Looking into the living room through the window on the balcony, he suddenly gasped. It turned out that in his living room, there were six zombies entrenched there, they gave off a strange and disgusting rancid smell, and they kept roaring like beasts. At this time, in the kitchen and bedroom itself, there was a slow burst of zombie noises. I want to come. Apart from this living room, there are also zombies in both places. The living room door has now collapsed to the ground in pieces, and was knocked down by these zombies. Thinking of this, Elrick Aldof took a deep breath, then clutched the Remington rifle tightly, silently made his way to the balcony door. When his body just appeared at the entrance of the balcony, the six zombies entrenched in the living room immediately discovered his whereabouts. Suddenly, the zombies grinned and scre
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Chapter 6
Elrick Aldof's phone rang, indicating that there was an incoming call from his phone. Elrick Aldof quickly closed the audio on his phone so as not to invite the zombies to come to his hiding place. "Is this true with Mr. Elrick Aldof?" Elrick Aldof frowned. He didn't know whose cell phone number this was. "Hello? Mr. Elrick Aldof?" Coming out of his reverie, Elrick Aldof answered the voice. "Yes. I am. Who are you? Do you know my phone number?" "I am the President of Okazaki. I would like to offer you assistance and ask for your help as well." Elrick Aldof is increasingly confused by all this. "Can you explain your aims and objectives in detail? I don't understand what you mean, sir." Elrick Aldof picked him up while whispering, he didn't want to invite zombies to his hiding place in Xintian. "I saw your actions in fighting zombies via CCTV installed on the streets. I would like to offer cooperation with you and of course ask for your help to complete the mission and find a way to k
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Chapter 7
Now it is 00.00. Elrick Aldof prepares to head to his appointment with troops sent by President Okazaki. Armed with several weapons that he got from the unlimited arsenal and several pistols that he owned, Elrick Aldof was ready to head to the helicopter pad. After everything felt complete, and nothing was left behind in his hiding place, Elrick Aldof headed towards the helicopter pad quietly and with great caution. He was afraid that his presence would be recognized by zombies. Even though it is night and still dark, even with the slightest sound the zombies can recognize it. When Elrick Aldof came out of his hiding place onto the main road. He tried to run as hard as he could to quickly get to the helicopter pad. However, unfortunately something bad happened to him. "Crack!" Elrick Aldof stepped on a used drink can on the street. This made a sound that made the zombies wake up and bare their fangs to chase Elrick Aldof. "Damn! I woke them up!" Elrick Aldof continued to run while
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Chapter 8
It turned out that the person was a teenager under Elrick Aldof's age. Maybe his brother's age. Elrick Aldof remembered Dex Aldof, his brother. He had to immediately save Dex. Otherwise, he didn't know what would happen to him. "Thank you. What's your name?" Elrick asked the teenager. The teenager smiled while saying his name. Namely Gerry. "Gerry," said a teenage boy who had helped him fight the last zombie. "How did you know I was here? Because I didn't scream or ask for help." Elrick Aldof frowned in confusion. If he screamed for help, it was still natural that Gerry would help him. Elrick didn't scream for help, if he shouted for help he would definitely invite zombies to come to him again. "You don't need to know. Get on quickly, there's a helicopter waiting for you on the runway over there." Elrick Aldof hurried up the stairs again to go upstairs. For the last step, Elrick Aldof looked back again. He still saw that Gerry didn't go up with him. Elrick Aldof shouted at Gerry.
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Chapter 9
All the troops sent by President Rayyan to deal with the mad wolf virus outbreak gathered in the center and prepared everything necessary to save his younger brother, friend and close relative Elrick Aldof. Elrick Aldof also gathered together to prepare a thorough plan so that his family and friends could be saved. "Okay, according to plan the helicopter will land in the large field of Elrick Aldof's village." Everyone nodded in understanding, including Elrick Aldof, who also understood. "After the bottom door of the helicopter is opened, adjust the position according to what we planned. Everyone understands?!" "Understood Captain!" Elrick Aldof was stunned, he felt like in the movies where everyone obeys the leader of the captain. "Do you understand, Mr. Elrick?" "I understand." "Okay, now that everyone understands, we'll just carry out the execution. We'll go to the helicopter. There we immediately put on our clothes to protect ourselves. Understand?!" Everyone nodded, includin
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Chapter 10
"Stop for a moment! I'll shoot some zombies to increase my ammo." "No need, we already brought some sufficient ammunition." "No. Please stop the car for a moment." The captain gave a signal for Zacky to stop the car. When he thought of the Aibo robot, he could use the brain wave implantation training method to let himself learn to operate various weapons in a short time, and suddenly he felt that the last time he was worried that the sniper rifle would not be used. Because, as long as he holds a sniper rifle in his hand, and has then been trained by Aibo, he can operate any ammunition and weapons proficiently, and he can be as skilled as a veteran sniper for many years. Thinking about this, Elrick Aldof already had a plan in mind. When Zacky drove the electric car forward another fifty meters, he stopped. At this time, he was less than 60 meters away from the group of zombies at the shop entrance in front, and the zombies in front had also discovered the whereabouts of Elrick Aldo
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