Harem Multiverse Challenge

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Harem Multiverse Challenge

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Death is just the beginning for David. Beautiful women are his only goal, and getting pulled into the Harem Multiverse challenge might be the best thing that ever happened to him... or the worst. His second chance at life won't be any easier with a system that hates him. But he's a lucky bastard. What can possibly go wrong? Join me on Discord for character art and chats: https://discord.gg/EfgNv8ru2z


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117 chapters
Ch 1. Game Over!
How many men can brag about dying fucking a woman less than half his age in a parking lot? I could, if I weren’t dead, of course. At sixty years old, my dick could still get harder than a stripper pole. Alas, though, my magnificent manliness is what ended up doing me in, because despite my cock being ready and willing, my heart just couldn’t keep up. It’s funny in a cosmically fucked up kind of way… I’d spent my entire life not knowing I had a heart, only for it to make itself known by cockblocking me through cardiac arrest. “Daddy?! Daddy?!” A panicked voice with daddy issues was the last thing I heard before a deafening crack. Then silence. Blackness. Nothingness. Fuck! No women after death? I mean, come on! I can take the fires of hell as long as there are feisty succubus and the likes servicing me from time to time. With an electric buzz, a blue screen materialized in front of me. Letters scrawl across the display: “Game over!” I feel someone watching me, causing my metap
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Ch 2. Dropping the Hammer
If you ever die and wake up with a system, remember: no matter what happens, ALWAYS avoid pissing it off. Your life depends on it. Literally! That is the first lesson I learned the hard way. I won’t bore you with all the details of the crappy life Wrenn Dorn had before I arrived. He has a sobby backstory that will take me forever to explain the depths of it all. Just know that he— I —is a nobody. A nobody with a lot of muscles. I stand in front of a forge, surrounded by smoldering coals and glowing red-hot metal. The sound of fire crackles and pops as the metal melts. Raising the hammer above my head, I stare at the veins bulging out from my muscles. The hammer has always been Wrenn’s best friend— his only friend. He loves it as much as I love women, and that’s what I call the difference between a boy and a man. Despite his muscular build, Wrenn is still a boy. Barely reaching nineteen this year, he never had a girlfriend or even a fling. The one time he liked a girl, it was
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Ch 3. A Real Gentleman
On Kerenza, once the sun no longer shines on the sky, the temperature drops in the blink of an eye. Yes, I used to pass my time writing lame rhymes when I had nothing better to do. Sometimes it helped with a certain kind of ladies. Sometimes it did not. While I trudged on the slope to the top of the hill, I kept the cold at bay. Now, as the widow’s house comes into view and the ground is flat under my feet, the chilly breeze makes me gather tightly around me the bear coat I’m wearing over my shoulders. The sword is safely sheathed in its scabbard and rests hanging from a girdle I put around my waist. By the time I knock at the widow’s door, the darkness has settled, and the smell of rain permeates the air. I’m tired and bored. I have to end this errand quick, find a tavern, and a wench with big tits cascading over the cleavage as I’ve seen in the movies. Yeah, that would make my day. No time to waste with an old widow.As soon as the door creaks open, I yank the sword free from t
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Ch 4. Dead Puppies
Changing positions to get full control over my thrusts proved to be a bust. My fucking brain was like, ‘Hey, if you stay on top and press her down with your bulky frame, you’d get to do whatever you want, slow down when you’re close, and keep at it until one hour passes.’ But this woman always finds a way to get me off my game. This is not going to work out for me. Puppies! Dead puppies! She squirms beneath me, her hips moving in time with my strokes, making me want to jab inside her faster and harder. Dead puppies on the road! Fluffy roadkill! She squeezes me tighter and harder on the inside. The hot and wet feeling of her juices mixed with the softness of her inner muscles clenching around me is driving me nuts. Fuck it! Puppies don’t work! Rats! Dead rats! In sticky traps! Driven a bit away from the edge, I sigh and slow down the pace. My sanity is starting to slip away, so I need to calm down and think. System, how much longer? [43 minutes and 22 seconds remaining] Is
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Ch 5. Zhenarian Politics
Wrenn has a small sleeping space in a tiny alcove in the back of the smithy. The place is barely big enough for him to lie down on his side and curl up a bit, or otherwise, his head hits the wall. To the right of his sleeping mat, shelves and storage bins of various sizes and shapes are piled high with tools and materials. Wrenn has to duck his head beneath other instruments hanging from the ceiling to get to his sleeping spot. Beneath the last shelf near his mat, there’s a small nook in the wall where once a mouse resided. That mouse has since long gone, eaten by a neighbor’s cat. Now, the nook is a storage space for the few things Wrenn has, including the letter I’m searching for. After plunging my hand into the hiding place up to near my elbow, I dig out the letter and set it on the sleeping mat. Even though the sigil is torn, I recognize the family crest in the wax seal as that of the Averys. This noble family is of the highest rank in the country of Zhenaria, and they have
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Ch 6. Hyenas and Wolves
The fire in the furnace burns fiercely, and the iron shavings start to sizzle as the heat rises. Aslan stares at the furnace in silence, his eyes locked on the fire. He watches the flames rise and fall akin to his breath. “Where are you going, Wrenn?” he asks just as I am about to leave the smithy. “Aren’t you going to finish up what you were working on? I need those weapons.”His voice is softer than before, even though his words are still as sharp as a knife. I stop in my tracks, feeling guilty for having left him alone. Do you remember when I mentioned Wrenn had a sad past? Well, his mother died when he was young, and his father is the king who never recognized him. So Aslan took on the role of father for him. Not only did he teach him how to be a blacksmith but also how to be a respectable person. Brushing aside the guilt, I take a deep breath and decide to face him head-on. I’m not Wrenn, nor a respectable person at that.“I have some personal matters to attend to,” I say, res
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Ch 7. A Magician of Sorts
“Wait!” I yell, one last attempt to make them stop. My feet leave the marble on the balcony’s floor as I lean forward, my head hanging over the edge. The wind is whipping through my hair as I scream for help. The ground is fast approaching. Nothing can save me now.Free falling is a common experience in stories and nightmares, but in real life, it's deadly. You can laugh as much as you want, but these seconds before reaching the ground seem to last forever. If this is going to be my second time dying, I must say I prefer the first. Everything was better, starting with the woman calling me—[Daddy?! Daddy?!] Yes, the same voice rings in my head, but instead of the hot woman I was fucking when I died, it’s just my useless, annoying system. What have I done to deserve this to be the last thing I talk to?[Quit whining! Choose the +1 life option from the pending rewards]I want the +1 life! Now![Reward granted]The ground is still fast approaching my face. How will the extra life appl
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Ch 8. Lucky Bastard
By the time I reach the top of the hill outside the city gates where the widow’s hut is, darkness has already started to settle. There is a hint of purple at the horizon where the sun sinks in. But the wind blows from the opposite direction, pushing away the storm clouds gathered there. A smile stretches the corners of my lips as a faint light flickers through the hut’s windows. Heat gathers in my groin, and it’s not because of the fire awaiting in the hearth. After a few knocks, the door opens, and I find myself staring again at the beautiful widow with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders.Her big brown eyes widen in surprise. “I didn’t think you would come again.”Well, that was fast. My jaw drops, and I just stand there like a fool with a crooked smile on my face. Do you know dumb and dumber? Well, I’m the dumbest. [You can say that again, daddy]Maybe last night wasn’t so great for her after all. Maybe she just went along with it, and I was too preoccupied with my side task
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Ch 9. Pleasing a Woman
[Don’t kill me, daddy. Please. I promise I have a good side task now]Oh, do you have good side tasks too? I can’t imagine. [Daddy, don’t be mean]Hmm…. your voice sounds a bit… aroused? Are you getting off on this? [Uhmm… No! So… Uhmm… Side task acquired: Make a woman cum without using your dick in the next 15 minutes. The countdown is starting now]A small lettering countdown starts at 15:00 minutes, counting down in the top left corner of my left eye. I lose focus on things around me, my eyes darting toward the timer as if I have a medical condition or something.System, this is too distracting. Can you remove the countdown and let me focus on my task? Just remind me in case I have less than a minute left. Though I should be done a lot faster than that. [Yes, daddy]Surprisingly, the countdown vanishes, and the system’s voice doesn’t bother me anymore. I return my attention to the widow, who stares at me from the corner of her left eye as her right cheek is still pressed agains
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Ch 10. Come and Get It
Pissed and fuming because of the interruption, I sit down on the floor on my naked butt, not even bothering to cover myself. Neither does the widow, as a matter of fact, since she is still kneeling and staring at me with a mixture of want and disbelief. I flex my fingers in the air as I frown, thinking if my foul mood will quickly pass. [Daddy] I cringe, squeezing shut my eyes while gritting my teeth as if the most ear-shattering noise in the world floods my head. [I know, I know, you’re mad at me] Damn right, I am! [Just hear me out. You have nothing to lose now anyhow] The widow winces at the growl ignited in my throat, and the way her body shudders does wonders to my mood. My mind empties as my focus shifts to the aroused nipples pointing tauntingly at me. [I’ll take your total silence as consent] Is there any point in trying to stop you? I ask myself if the Goddess wanted to punish me for my past transgressions by giving me a system like you. [Probably. Anyhow, no ma
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