Become Rich With A Trivial System

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Become Rich With A Trivial System

By: M. K. Diana OngoingSystem

Language: English

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A young man, broke because of his ex-wife's betrayal, is given a system that will give him unimaginable wealth after he completes a series of trivial tasks. Jack Eldrone must endure immense heartache and shame when his ex-wife is crowned Businesswoman of the Year with the fortune she secretly took from him. Desperate, Jack contemplates giving up on a life of futility, when one day a mysterious man arrives with an offer he finds absurd... Travel to another world and become a special bodyguard! "If you complete the mission successfully, not only your ex-wife, but even the richest man in the country will bow down before you!" Will Jack refuse the offer? But if he does accept, will he be able to complete his mission?

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Chapter 1 - Her Hurting Achievement
One afternoon in the small town of Carltown.In a crowded little restaurant filled with hungry and impatient patrons."Ladies and Gentlemen, we have finally reached the climax of tonight's event, an award for someone who, with her deft hands, has successfully advanced our country's economy; someone who has opened new job opportunities for more people; someone who has helped many heads of families to feed their loved ones!"An emcee's voice rang out passionately from one of the television stations.It was a replay of the most prestigious award ceremony held the night before.An annual award given to the most deserving individual in the fields of business and finance in the country of Wealthland.In order to be nominated for this award, the winner's name must have been one of the top 100 wealthiest individuals in the country in the previous year."Let us welcome this year's recipient, the cold-blooded businesswoman, CEO of the world-renowned giant company, Stellar Enterprises, ... "As
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Chapter 2 - The Stupid Waiter
In an instant, all eyes turned to Jack.They alternated between staring at him and the television, comparing the picture on the bottom of the screen to a young man walking hurriedly.At that moment, their anger reached its peak."Hey, you shameless young man! How could you think of betraying your wife, the one who has provided you with food and a life all this time?"A middle-aged woman rose from her chair and pointed at Jack."Exactly! Scoundrels like him should be put in jail so he can repent for all his actions!"Now, a middle-aged man in another corner shouted something similar.After the two of them, many others were moved to do the same.They stood up from their seats and cursed at Jack.This only irritated Jack more.He wanted to be angry, but the shame and humiliation were too strong.Then, without paying attention to his steps, his foot hit the shoe of someone who was deliberately trying to hurt him.His body became slightly unstable and...Clang!He dropped his tray.Not on
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Chapter 3 - Transported to the New World
At that moment, the entire world was plunged into darkness.Strangely, Jack felt nothing happening to his body except for a rectangular holographic panel that suddenly appeared in front of him. Before his surprise could fade, the panel displayed a beautiful girl dressed in futuristic clothing."Hello Jack, nice to meet you! I am Quantara, an Ultra AI who will assist you in any mission you undertake in the Kingdom of Eldoria!""Since you've met me now, it means you've activated the contract and bound yourself to the Quantum System designed for the chosen ones, providing instant training and unlimited wealth," the Ultra AI continued."From the hundreds of missions we offer every day, you must choose at least one, and you will receive a bonus depending on the level of difficulty!As a daily reward, you will also receive 100 RG currency each day for free without having to complete any missions.But you cannot miss missions for three days in a row, or you will be docked points!"Quantara t
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Chapter 4 - First Mission or First Simulation First?
After enjoying his dinner, Jack quickly got up from the table and went to his room. "Thanks, Mom!" he said and kissed his mother on the cheek. Matilda was stunned for a moment to receive such treatment. There was a warm feeling when Jack kissed her and called her mom. Once she was sure that Jack had entered his room, the woman spoke to herself. "He has been acting very strangely since earlier! Not only is his attitude towards me very warm, but he also calls me Mom!" Murmuring softly, Matilda continued to look at Jack's room with a smile on her lips. "Could it be that he has finally opened his heart and accepted me as his mother?" Matilda is the second wife of Gunnar, Jack Andrews' biological father, who died two years ago. Since the death of his first wife, the old man, a retired military officer, remarried Matilda. Jack Andrews disapproved of the marriage, so he never called the woman "Mom," only by her name. Matilda didn't know that Jack Andrews had also died in the barrac
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Chapter 5 - Pre-Training First!
What?Special Mission, you say?Aren't these missions just ordinary tasks that even someone without basic training can do!"Quantara, please forgive me for this! But it seems I can do all those special missions without any prior training!""Jack, this is standard procedure! I can't give you access to special missions until you've completed simulation training!""Is there no flexibility at all?" Jack asked.He wasn't ready to give up trying to convince the beautiful AI."Fine! If you insist, there is actually a way..."Hearing that, Jack adjusted the position of the pillow that had been supporting his back.He prepared himself for what Quantara would say next."This training is called pre-training, with a much shorter duration and lower difficulty level compared to simulation training! Nevertheless, this training is designed to assess someone's abilities in certain aspects. However, unlike simulation training, you won't receive any rewards after completing it!"The last sentence sounde
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Chapter 6 - Is My Pre-Training Result Satisfactory?
"Jack, are you considering suicide with that old woman?"Quantara's voice echoed as the environment around Jack slowly changed.The vast ocean in front of him slowly disappeared, replaced by a holographic screen on which Quantara slowly appeared with her beautiful face."Is she really an AI?" Jack thought. "But why do I feel that she becomes more charming every time I look at her?"The longer he stared at the virtual girl, the more admiration grew in his heart."Jack, are you still with me?"Quantara asked Jack again, waving her hand as if to check if the young man was still conscious or not."Yes... yes... I'm here!""Jack, it's okay if you experience a little disturbance in your cognitive state, because it's a normal thing that happens after a significant event that shocks you!"The AI assumed that Jack's confusion was due to the pre-training mission the young man had just completed."We can discuss this tomorrow morning if you want to rest!"Quantara said again, noticing that Jack
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Chapter 7 - The First Mission!
Matilda's voice was soft and slow, like a whisper from behind the door. It made Jack quickly get up from his bed and open the door. "Yes, I'm awake, Mom!" "I'm sorry to disturb you, but this time I bring good news, or maybe very good news!" "Yes? What is it, Mom?" "Do you remember Lily of the Reynolds family?" Matilda looked at Jack with sparkling eyes, hoping that her son would remember the beautiful girl. Jack, of course, knew nothing about Lily or the Reynolds family. But he answered very appropriately. "Mom, I may not remember the girl you mentioned! But you can tell me anything!" That was just the answer Matilda wanted! "All right, if you don't mind! The Reynolds family is going out of town for three days and they have to leave their daughter at home! They asked me to take care of their daughter while they're gone! But I might be too old for that job, so I'm really confused now!" Matilda said with a slightly sad and confused expression on her face. Of course, the woman
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Chapter 8 - Too Easy?
Jack approached the back fence and carefully positioned his ears to listen to the activities of the people behind the fence.He knew it was a workday, so most likely everyone was at work.But who knew if there was a maid or a child in one of those houses?So he had to make sure that the house he was going to was really deserted, to avoid trouble later."I don't want to steal or cause any trouble! I just need a way to get to the Reynolds' house! So my actions should still be forgivable, right?" he exclaimed after finding a house where he was sure the occupants were not inside.Then he backed up almost twenty meters, got into position, and prepared to run as fast as he could.Jack then jumped to the fence and, with his body on it, crawled very quickly until he reached the top of the fence.From there, he could see the backyard of this large house - a large swimming pool in the middle, a stone path surrounded by green grass and ornamental trees.After a short observation, Jack was now co
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Chapter 9 - A Real Test!
This was indeed Rebecca's voice.But it sounded different than before.When Jack turned his head up, he saw that the woman had changed her clothes.Except for the towel that covered her chest to just below her hips, the girl had no other clothing on her body."What am I seeing here? Is she teasing me on purpose?"At that moment, Jack couldn't take his eyes off the girl.With such an appearance, Rebecca not only looked very beautiful, but she was also very tempting!Especially at her current age, she exuded a mature beauty that would be hard for any man to resist."Jack, come here!" Rebecca asked for the second time.She said this while placing one hand on the railing and leaning her face forward, showing off her sexy chest.She also moved the index finger of her left hand slowly and sensually in an inviting gesture."Come here! Don't make me wait!"Gulp!Jack swallowed his saliva.He was not used to situations like this.Although he was born into one of the wealthiest families in Rive
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Chapter 10 - Almost Missed
After Jack walked out the door, he took a few steps toward the gate. From a distance of thirty meters he could see that the gate was an automatic type that could only be opened and closed by remote control. He prepared to put his hands between the iron gates to climb over them. However, after his hands touched it, the door unexpectedly swung open slightly. "Strange! Why didn't she lock it? Is she really going to leave?" But since he had to get to the Reynolds' house as soon as possible, Jack didn't want to think about it. After closing the gate, he ran quickly to the address Matilda had given him. While running at a fast pace, Jack took a moment to observe the houses on both sides. Almost all he saw were luxurious two to three story houses with large yards. The sight reminded him of what Matilda had said earlier. "I know you've never been to Sunflower Residence before! But don't worry, everything will be fine! You'll get used to it slowly." Matilda said that so that Jack wou
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