Mortal Runes: Sanxi's Supernatural System

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Mortal Runes: Sanxi's Supernatural System


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Sanxi, the one last person and the only mortal who can carry the death runes. . . His life changes the moment a supernatural portal opens and gives him access to the world of supernatural creatures. In this magical world, a new system is activated and he must learn to survive while training and gaining magical powers that will help him kill the Lord of the Underworld and save humanity from him.

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  • Stephenie Adams


    The first chapter was amazing, and I'm definitely going to continue reading this.

    2023-01-14 17:25:42
  • Irene Abutu


    chapter update please.... Interesting!

    2023-01-13 19:16:30
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Gone are the times,Gone are the times... When the earth was called "the home of the living".The times have changed, the times are gone...As it looks, there are no humans on my planet "Earth" - at least not since "THE CLASH" THE CLASH OF THE TRIOSISTRIOSIS: The 3 regions [realms] of the earth.By "the three realms" I mean;"The realm of the living""The realm of the dead" and"The realm of the living dead"Two of these realms together formed the earth we knew,"THE DIOSIS - containing the two kingdoms" are these;"the kingdom of the living", and"the realm of the dead"-where the only visible region is the earth realm ( THE MONOSIS ) - which is also considered as "THE REALM OF THE LIVING"-The realm from which we all originate.Everything is different now, things have changed on our planet. My last memory of the Earth before this time goes back to the quake, the partial earthquake that occurred on Friday, January 19, at exactly 1:35 p.m. This was no ordinary quake. The day before
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T H E N I S H I M M U R A M A N S I O N. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Minato opened his eyes and straightened his upper back as a gasp left his mouth... His brother's face was the first thing he saw after waking up from the horrible nightmare. . .Jason had never stopped laughing, at least not since Minato woke up."Why are you laughing?" asked Minato, making a silly face at him."Do you actually know that you're soaked in piss right now? ... haha ... haha," Jason said, lapsing into another burst of laughter as Minato looked down at his own shorts..."Jeez! Wa... Wha... What the..." He stammered and quickly jumped out of bed, pushing Jason out of the way as he tried to take pictures of him, and ran into the bathroom to shower.One thing he also wished was part of the nightmare was "peeing," but alas, it wasn't."What time is it, Jason?" Minato asked Jason as he turned on the shower."It's 10:00," he replied."Damn!" Exclaimed Min
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There was an electric impulse coming from within the pale green light, penetrating the center of the light and spreading from its origin to the edges.The electrical force that penetrated the center of the green light caused it to split and form a large circle of glowing electrified mist through which Minato could clearly see what was on the other side. At this point, he could no longer scream. Unlike Jason, who was right behind the wheel trying to save them, Minato's attention was more focused on the mountain ranges and the wild expanse of wasteland he could see through the portal. The sun was setting on the other side, but where they were, it was just a few minutes past 10:00.Jason kept trying to pull on the steering wheel to distract the car and drift away from the green supernatural portal in front of them, but he noticed that they were being pulled toward the open portal by a strong force. It was so strong that it could not be resisted, even when Jason tried to slam on the brake
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"The bearer of what? A bachelor's degree? Because that's the only attractive thing I have, and unfortunately it's not something that can be transferred from person to person," Minato said to him, and he stared at Minato, wondering what a bachelor was... ."No, San'xi, you are the last bearer of the Death Rune," he said in a low voice, and Minato's eyes widened in shock. He had no idea what the man was talking about, he was so scared and he could not even understand anything, everything he said was in the hope that it could free him and that the stranger would spare his life.With his mouth open, he continued to stare at the ancient man standing in front of him."Come with me, we must return to Eregon as soon as possible, a whole new life awaits you, and there you will find all the answers you seek, some that I am not worthy to reveal, but leave you alone to find out for yourself," Minato began to relax, knowing how important he was to the man standing before him, and that allowed him
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .C L A R I E N'S C L I N I C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jason lifted his head out of bed and realised with horror that he was no longer on the street where the incident had occurred. His eyes wandered to the ceiling and he let them drift toward the door. It hurt. He had a severe headache, and the fall from such a height caused him great pain. The pain was unbearable for him, and even though he screamed, he could not stop thinking about his brother. He bit his lower lip as he struggled to get back on his feet. His hands scrambled to his head and he felt the bandage wrapped around his head. It occurred to him to take it off.He had not been officially discharged, and he would not have wanted anyone to prevent him from leaving the hospital in this condition. He trudged into the bathroom and held his forehead. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at his own reflection, and he could clearly see that he was
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C E N T R A L C I T Y, E R E G O NWe just appeared on the other side of the portal. I have no idea why we just arrived, and it makes no sense that it took us so long to cross the thin border of the portal. While we were going through the portal, I was not conscious. It was as if I was in a trance, although I felt the presence of the strange man who made me follow him to that place.Now, after passing through the portal, we are in front of a gate, a very powerful gate made of heavy metal. I wonder what metal it was made of, but it has a strong and supernatural look, and its appearance is dark. The walls holding the gate are extremely high, reaching high into the sky, making me and the old man in front of me look like dwarves. It looks like a lost medieval city, and it is the only structure I have seen in this wilderness. My eyes roam, and the only thing I can see is a dense, deep forest surrounding us, and mountains and hills disappearing into the horizon. I wonder where it has taken
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C E N T R A L C I T Y, E R E G O N.I look into the fading sun as I pick up myself from the sands, which are like grated gold. The sands are shiny and it is as if they are very different from the one found on earth. The sun is usual to me. It looks exactly as the one that is found on earth, and looking at it, I can tell that it is not rising, if anything, I can tell that it is fading, and sunset is nowhere close to far. I am broken by what I heard Delil say, and thinking about everything makes me feel like dropping into the sands again and wallowing in it. I can't believe that I made the mistake of following Kilish into a world like this where the good are constantly hunted. I am now a prey to the otherworlders because I decide to step in with Kilish. I might have done something that I am unable to reverse. Kilish said I said goodbye to earth the moment I crossed the portal. could it mean that I am never going to go back to earth? What does Delil mean by my name has been written
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C E N T R A L C I T Y, E R E G O NT H E C A M P It did not take long for us to make our way down the wide slope and find our way to camp. We have only crossed the gate, and I already can see different trainees going about their daily activities. They all have different ranks, and of different races. They all are staring at me, some look indifferent, and others look at me in a way that shows they are happy to have me here."Like I told you, not everyone knows all about who you are, and you are dressed in a foreign attire. They are not familiar with your style of clothing, and they are probably wondering where you came from," Coria says to me, as she notices I am beginning to get uncomfortable with the way they all are looking at me as I walk through the quarters. "They mean no harm, they are only surprised like Coria said," Delil says and I nod. She thinks in the same way as Coria and it makes me pretty relived.We keep walking and they keep staring at me. . . and it makes me wo
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C E T R A L C I T Y, E R E G O NT H E C A M P It took me a while, but with Delil's assistance, I was able to get myself into these grey rags. It is odd, and it is pretty difficult for me to walk in. I feel restricted by the shrouds, and it is itchy."You are going to get used to it soon. You are feeling this way towards it because it is the first time you are trying it on. It is going to become your favorite overtime," Delil says to me as I walk up to the large piece of mirror that is hanging on the wall by left. I stride towards it, as if my joints are made from metal, as it is hard to me to bend my knees or move my elbows due to the way the shrouds are tightly wrapped around me at those points. I wish there was a way I could adjust it to give me a little space to breath, but it seems it is going to be pretty difficult. I might just end up putting all my efforts to a waste by losing it and starting to wear it afresh. I walk to the mirror and I stand before it, but the reflec
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I’m still absentminded as I sink deeper into my thoughts...“Hey! You know you can trust me, right?”Jason says to me after fastening his own seat belt.I recover my mind from where it was lost in my thoughts.“Where was I? we just forget about the nightmare?... It’s really no big deal. Why are you so interested, anyway?”I say, while already on our way to the office.“Wow! I never thought you would hide a secret from me, at least not in this world,”says Jason.“Jason, it’s no secret... I just don’t feel like saying it.” I whisper.“What else would you call something you don’t want others to know about?” He replies.“Look, I’m trying to protect you here..., what you are forcing me to say might ruin your entire day at the office… Just try to understand my point... please,” I plead with him.I glance at my watch. It is already 10:45, and we are still stuck in the traffic.“What did you just say? -You are worried about ruining my day-... well, head’s up! You just did”.He sa
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