Chapter 100 Dealing With The Devil

"Sooner or later, I'll find the ones responsible." He murmurs. 

His gut feeling told him that someone was doing this on purpose to harm Little Elizabeth.


For now, he had to focus his attention on completing the task and curing her.


After about a quarter of an hour, he finally finished the extraction, which is the hardest part. 

Then, without delay, he grabbed her and hurriedly used the injection to inject the liquid into her nerves, causing her to stop trembling.


He then touched her cold forehead, where her temperature was dropping to a dangerous level.

But fortunately, the lotus liquid proved effective as her cold temperature started to normalize. 


He then grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat off her as he put a blanket on her body for her sleep. 


He was about to put her inside the system space to let her recover, but he was stopped by the Spirit System
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