Chapter 102 The Man Clad In Shadow

Then it keeps gazing around with its amber eyes, until its line of sight stops at Manasi's laying figure, and straight away it darts at him.


Seeing this, the person covered in darkness had a wide smirk on their unrecognizable face.


Just as Manasi's body was about to be taken by the Skeleton Undead true spirit, there was a sudden intense light from one of the carriages.




A wretched cry could be heard echoing in the surrounding vegetation, as the ghost being was slowly burned down.


The person covered in darkness saw this, causing him to look at where the light originated, then he saw a girl wearing a set of armor.


Besides her were two pets, a bird and a white furious lion cub that was baring its fangs at him.


"Don't harm my brother!" Elizabeth shouted.



Before the event happened, Elizabeth could be seen sleeping as she was suddenly pulled out of her d
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