The Bounty

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The Bounty

By: Famous Dave CompletedFantasy

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Tittle:The Bounty Sypnosis After the tragic loss of his parents and betrayal from family and friends at a very young age,Jay Wilson is forced to go into to the underworld and depend on stealing and later drug dealing as a means of survival. He grows up to be a strong and brave man.After spending years in the business,he soon realizes the destruction he has brought on the life of other people after his own brother Felix fell victim of it.He decides to make atonement for all the years he spent doing evil deeds Eventually,his good deeds pays off and he is given a second chance to start over again.But soon,the past in which he has forgotten comes back to haunt him and cut short his new found happiness.

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Chapter 1
Tittle:The Bounty Chapter One:Past LifeI've done what you asked for,here's the body,now lift the bounty..................................................................My name is Jay Wilson,am thirty six years old and a resident of El Paso,an island known for its outstanding beauty,peaceful nature and it unique scenery.But all this was just a farce for what really goes on in the island,for people like us who has lived there all our lives,we know that all those was just a charade.El Paso is the home for the one of the most notorious drug lords,a place filled so much evil and mischievous things and all these kept hidden from the outside world,and i won't say that I am completely innocent from all the bad things that has happened on the island.It all began twenty years ago,I remember back then,I was a little child,twelve years of age with my younger brother Felix who was only ten.Our parents had just lost their lives in a car crash.We tried asking for help from family members,friend
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Chapter 2
Tittle:The Bounty Chapter two:New RealityDing Dong,Ding Dong.The door bell rang."Catherine dear,somones knocking at the door could you go check it out".Gabriella called from the kitchen."Yes mommy".Catherine said, standing up from the pile of toys she had been playing with and rushed over to the door,as soon as she opened it and saw the person standing in front of her,she screamed with joy as she jumped and gave him a big hug.It was none other Mason Bennett,the best friend of Jay Wislon and Catherine's godfather."Oh my gosh,Cathy darling it's been so many years since I last saw you, back then you were just a little girl and now,you are all grown up" Mason said to Catherine giving her a princess twirl."I've missed you too uncle Mason,I always asked my dad why you no longer came to visit us anymore, he always told me that you were busy working in the city and you would come to visit us soon,but you never showed up. I started to think that you no longer cared about us anymore ."Cath
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Chapter 3
Chapter-Three:SecretsI got up early the next morning,today was going to be a special day for my family.Catherine was turning eight years old,my little baby girl was growing up so fast.She was such a smart and loving kid and as her father,all i wanted for her was to live a good life and to always be happy,even though she was an asthmatic patient , she didn't let that stop her from living a happy life.Gabriella was still asleep,so i decided to quickly drop by the toy store and get catherine a gift for her birthday since i was unable to get it yesterday, because the news of vandel's release caught me off guard.As soon as i stepped out of the house,i felt like someone was watching me but anytime i turned to see who it was,i didn't find anyone.Maybe i was just over thinking things or maybe my brain might be playing tricks on me.I entered the toy store and headed over to the counter to meet Mrs Elvy,she was an elderly woman who owned the toy Store.Ever since we moved into this neighbourhoo
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Chapter 4
Chapter Four'The priceCatherine was fast asleep,the journey of the previous day had really tired her out,she had asked so many questions about our sudden change of housing,but i couldn't tell her the truth,i simply told her that we were going on a little family vacation,i wasnt really sure if she believed it but at least that was enough to stop her from asking anymore questions.Gabriella took Catherine to her new bedroom for her to rest,i packed our belongings into the house,it was in a rush,so we couldn't take much things along with us.After i was done,i headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water for myself,i was really exhausted from driving non stop for hours.Gabriella came into the kitchen to start cleaning up."You look exhausted,you should get some rest,I'll handle the cleaning".I said but Gabriella didn't say a word to me as she continued with what she was doing, it was obvious that she was upset with me. "Aren't you going to say anything to me".I asked but still got no re
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Chapter 5
Chapter-Five:The Funeral The Day of FuneralIts been two weeks now since the death of my wife and daughter.Today was the day of their funeral,it still all felt like a bad dream i wish i could wake up from.Only a few friends and family gathered to send their remains off to their eternal resting place,even Gabriella's sister and parents also attended.I didnt really have much to bury since the bodies were burnt beyond recognition,so i choose to use Catherine favorite doll and the pink Floral gown Gabriella always loved to wear and buried them instead.After the funeral began,the priest started with the opening prayers and sermons.After that,hymns were sung and everyone began to give to their condolences.I just sat down quietly,i wasn't really a religious person so all those didnt matter to me.After the guests present had given their farewell prayers and thrown their last flowers to the coffin,i was called to give my final farewell speech."Umh.........,i actually don't even know where t
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Chapter 6
Chapter six:New motivation(Revenge)The first thing you need to understand when it comes to dealing with drug cartels is that the things that motivate them is the same as what motivates any other ordinary business,the profit but the only thing that set them apart from each other is the fact that the drug dealers are willing to do absolutely anything to get what they want. To live in this kind of world,your heart must be as hard as stone because at any moment,you either have to kill or may end up being killed by somebody.Years ago,when i first joined the cartel it was first known as "La Murete cartel",which signified death.For every new members who joined the cartel,we were made to learn ten laws which served as a guide to running the syndicate.1.keep your friends close and your enemies closer.2.Choose your customers wisely.3.Choose your employees wisely.4.Eliminate competition.5.perfect your process.6.Be bold.7.Know your product.8.Be loyal9.Big risk,big rewards.10.Never take
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Chapter 7
Chapter seven:Death to traitorsThe Next DayI woke up early the next morning,i did my morning routines before heading to "Puebla flowers Diseno"which was owned by Leonard Armani an old friend of mine.After driving for an hour,i finally arrived.I looked at the door sign it read 'Closed' but i still entered because i knew that he would be inside.I began to walk around,trying to figure out where he might be.After walking for a while,i finally found him seated at the ventilation room.As i walked a few steps closer to him,he stopped trimming the flowers but he still didn't look up instead,he began to organize the flowers as if he didn't know i was standing in front of him."Leornado,i need your help".I said finally breaking the silence."Jay Wilson,the man with no boundaries,it is good to see you after so many years".Leonardo replied still organizing the flowers and ignoring my request."Leonardo,i really need your help".i said repeating myself."Am sorry about the death of your wife and
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Chapter 8
Chapter eight:The favorThe Next Day.Mason was going to be discharged from the hospital today,so i got up early and headed straight to the hospital.After arriving,i went to the administrative department to settle Mason's bills before going to his room,when i arrived,Mason was already done packing his stuffs and was getting ready to leave the hospital."I've settled the bills,now you're free to go,so how are you feeling right now.".I asked."Am feeling very happy and relieved to be able to finally move on with my life,it feels really good and am truly grateful for all the help and support you've shown me".Mason said."Don't mention,remember i owe you a lot am just trying to repay the favor,and remember,between brothers,there is no such things as 'sorry' or 'thank you".Mason continuued."Well since i can't convince you to back out then all i can say is welcome aboard'' i replied,the door opened reavealing a nurse. "'' Mr mason,the doctor wants to see you before you leave,have a good da
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Chapter 9
Chapter nine:New partner Few hours Later"Am back".Mason announced after arriving from the gym. "Welcome back,i hope you didn't exhaust yourself at the gym because we've got work to do.i said handing him a bottle of water."Work"?.Mason asked. "Yea,follow me i've got something to show you".i said leading the way to my secret underground room."Woah,i didn't know you had an underground inside your house,it's so huge and sophisticated ".mason replied as he walked around the room admiring it's detailed structure and building techniques."Alright Mason,you're going to have more than enough time to admire the room more later,but first i want you to meet someone".i said "And who might you be". mason asked looking at the man very closely."Hola,am Rowen Driscoll".Rowen replied extending his hand for a shake."Am Mason Bennett,nice to meet you".Mason replied."From now on,Rowen will be assisting us in our mission to bring down Vandel."i said after the introduction."Uhm.......Jay can i spe
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Chapter 10
Chapter Ten:Infiltrated 1Different drug syndicates uses different methods to recruit new members.The first step in doing so would be creating awareness to the members of the public about the ongoing recruitments.One of the most suitable method to use is the internet.Videos depicting violence and glorifying organized crimes are posted on social media.The purpose of this would be to attract interested viewers to make more enquirers into it and get awareness about the job.Another method used is the newspaper.Cartel uses Ads like "We are looking for people with valid identification card and passports,if you are looking for a good paying Job,call for more enquirers."And the good paying job actually has to do with selling drugs.Other methods involves the use of radio announcement or the use of flyers and poster,but whatever method Vandel decides to use,we need to be alert and one step ahead. Three Weeks LaterReporter:Its been confirmed,in the early hours of Monday,three high school stud
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