Chapter 123 Multiple Ancient Behemoths Of Old

The situation looked pretty bad for Manasi, as the Behemoth was already before him. Looking down on him.

But when Manasi looked at the behemoth's eyes, he was confused.

"Why does it look sad?" He whispered as he saw the emotion in their eyes. 

It was the same eyes that showed when one had lost the reason to fight. It was filled with sadness and regret.

"But it doesn't matter... If I don't kill you, I will be killed." 

He said this as he sensed the oppressive aura of the behemoth that was building up. 

"There's a chance that it is an immortal stage behemoth. I have to be careful."

He took a deep breath while his eyes turned gray as he activated [Guide].

He wasn't done yet. A crimson aura arose from his feet as he used the [Sage Berserk Mode] to increase his base stats. 

"I have five minutes before the [Sage Berserk Mode] ends. My battle power should be sufficient to compete against an early immor

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