Chapter 149


Inside the storage space, Manasi goes straight to Blossom's bed. He then strokes her silky hair while looking at her pale face.

He then leans forward to kiss her forehead. He always remembers her gently smiling every time he sees her. 

If this had not happened to her, she would have looked lovely and she would still be playing around, despite her pale complexion.

"Just a little longer, father will cure you." 

He closed her eyes as he uttered while holding her hand, then he opened his eyes as he kissed the back of her palm. 

As he turned around to leave......


Inside the Manor, Manasi entered into an underground where an enclosed chamber could be seen.

"This place looks more like a torture chamber, this manor old owner...." Manasi muttered, as he considered whether to report it to Empress Shenna or

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