Chapter 15 Superhuman

"Boom!" A large collision can be heard. 

The Abyssal Abaddons' mothership stops firing for a moment as it appears to lean sideways but soon regains its flight. 

Due to the gap that the Homunculus Beast Tiger King had created, there was a chance that the Homunculus Beasts would not let go. 

The other homunculus beast tigers bite at the rocks as they fill them with their auras, handmade into projectiles as they shoot towards the Abyssal Abaddons mothership. 

'Boom! Boom!

Their target is the mothership's weapon system as it explodes. The Mothership manages to withstand the attack and begins to stabilize as it is about to resume its firearms system. 


When something unexpected happened, the ground began to shake. In the great desert, a huge beast came out of the sand. It is the homunculus hadum dragon. 

Manasi, who was watching the battle, gasped at the Homunculus Hadum Dragon.

"I finally see completely this hadum dragon's armor-like body that appears impenetrable and has a pair of muscular hands at the front, except that it has no legs. It looks like a skull crawler but much bigger." Manasi said.

He then starts crawling nearer the battlefield. He was planning to steal some spoils.

The moment the beast appeared, it shot its energy ball toward the mothership.

Boom! Boom!

The red orb manages to penetrate deeply into the mothership. But in turn, the mothership also fires a barrage of energy beams at the enormous Homunculus Hadum Dragon, shredding the thick armored body of the beast as if nothing.

The fight was still not over.

'Rumble, Rumble!'

Five more Homunculus Hadum dragons emerged from the desert, as they released a red orb of energy from their mouths.

It created a huge explosion on the mothership. Then another hundred Homunculus Hadum dragons attacked the Mothership. 

The mothership continues to explode. It wouldn't be long before the mothership was destroyed. 

With no other choice, the mothership begins to descend. When they were twenty meters from the ground. 

The Homunculus Beast Tigers rushed at the descending mothership without caring for their lives. 

Some of the Homunculus Beast Tigers managed to cling to the mothership as they clawed at the walls of the mothership. 

The Homunculus Beast bites the flesh of certain motherships, such as armor plates and. 

As more and more Homunculus Beast Tigers surrounded the mothership, Manasi, who is still watching the battlefield, received a message from the Spirit System. 

'Contractor, quickly moved to the S Rank Shield gate to take cover.' Spirit System

When Manasi has finished reading the message from the spirit system, he grabs Blossom as they run towards the S-rank gate shield. 

The S Rank Gate Shield releases a brilliant light that envelops them.

Suddenly, the Mother Ship's main motor finishes charging energy, releasing an electromagnetic field around it. 

A crackling sound like lightning could be heard. The Mothership's shock wave from the electromagnetic field knocked all the Homunculus Beast Tigers and Homunculus Hadum Dragons away while paralyzing them in the process. 

Manasi and the Blossom were also hit by the electromagnetic field, but the light from the S-rank gate door protected them from damage. 

However, even though they were shielded from the electromagnetic shock wave, they were still stunned by the impact. 

From the right side of Manasi's, a Homunculus Beast Tiger could be seen sweeping away and landing in their backyard.

The Homunculus Beast Tiger, was still shaking, paralyzed by the electromagnetic shock wave. 

At first, Manasi wanted to run, but when he saw how the Homunculus Beast Tiger was still trembling, he decided to stay. A huge smile forms on his face, as he grabs it!

"Spirit System, can I absorb this beast?" Manasi asks the system if there is danger. 

'Contractor, go ahead.' Spirit System

He couldn't wait any longer and ran towards the paralyzed homunculus beast tiger. Manasi's left hand began to transform as it was covered in a blue aura. 

Manasi did not take pity on this Homunculus Beast Tiger as he grabbed its body. The remaining electricity did not affect Manasi, as he has the protection of an S-rank item.

"Spirit System, scan its data."

'Yes, Contractor


[Species: Beast Tiger]

[State: Injured/Paralyzed] 

[Rank: B-lower-tier]  

[Combat strength: 1873]

[Elements: Element] 

[Aptitude: Supreme Instinct] 

[Physique: Homunculus]

[Other information: Hidden]

Manasi finally saw the Homunculus Beast Tiger Statics. 

"Battle power 1873? The power gap between me and the Homunculus Beast Tiger is wide. No wonder I was beaten up." Manasi said.

Manasi's red aura starts to cover the Homunculus Beast Tiger. As it tried to struggle, it could only watch Manasi as its body began to disintegrate. 

Finally, there was nothing left of the Homunculus Beast Tiger. 

[10 System Power] 

[10 Combat Power]

From the corner of his eye, Manasi could see an icon of [0010/1000]. 

'Contractor, every time you absorb energy from Monster Essence, it will be converted into your Battle Power.' Spirit System.


[Name: Manasi Shalom]

[Species: Human]  

[Status: Healthy/Excited]

[Rank: C-Lower-Tier]  

[Combat Strength: 105] 

[Element: None] 

[Aptitude: Combat specialist] 

[Physique: Mutated Arm-Abnormal Energy Manipulation, Abnormal Energy Eater]  

[Other details: hidden]

With the addition of ten combat power points, Manasi could feel his strength increase, even if it was only a small increase in strength. 

It was the bridge that separated the mortal rank and the superhuman rank.

Manasi has acquired superhuman strength. 

"That beast has a thousand pounds of battle power, but why did I receive only ten spirit energies?" Manasi pondered over it all.

'Contractor, I need the energy to charge myself. So you can only receive a tenth.' Spirit System

Manasi could not argue with the Spirit System taking ninety-nine percent of the energy.

Manasi could only shake his head as he would need to recharge the Spirit System.

As this was happening, the mothership crashed in the desert. Its doors began to open. 

The Abyssal Abaddons start coming out in a disciplined manner. The way the Abyssal Abaddons hold their two heavy axes is very impressive.

Suddenly, a huge ball of dark red energy is thrown at them. However, before the red energy ball could hit them, an axe flowed toward the red energy ball. 

The axe cut slashed the air as it went toward the Red Energy Ball. It pierced through it. The Red Energy Ball exploded. 

But the axe did not stop and headed towards the Dragon Homunculus Hadum.

The runic symbols of Axes on his blades release a lava-like color as he chops the head of the Homunculus Hadum Dragons, as it slowly falls dead. 

While the lava-shaped axe started to vibrate and return to Commander Abyssal Abaddon as he shouted with his thunderous voice. 

"Kill them all!"

Roared the Abyssal Abaddon, Commander. Thousands of Abyssal Abaddons faced off against the Homunculus Beast Tigers, who managed to recover from their paralysis.

When the hide When Manasi finally sees the Abyssal Abaddons, especially their commander, he is stunned. 

He was dazed for a moment, then became slightly excited because he was so close to the truth. 

"These Abyssal Abaddons should be the descendants of the fallen from the biblical book of revelation. 

But why do I keep having this weird feeling about the Hebrew language that the Sages' use is the same as the earth and now this Abaddon with their pyramid ship?

"Maybe I should ask Blossom when she recovered her memories." Manasi said silently as he looked at Blossom, who kept hugging his arm.

As Manasi continues to watch the battlefield, the two groups finally collide. A homunculus beast tiger pounced on the Abyssal Abaddon warrior. 

He fell to the ground while the beast was about to bite his head. However, Abyssal Abaddon manages to grasp the Homunculus Beast tiger jaws. 

The Abyssal Abaddon bit into the Homunculus Beast Tiger's exposed neck as he held onto its jaws. 

The Homunculus Beast Tiger retaliated with its sharp claws on the Abyssal Abaddon's chest, but unfortunately, the Abyssal Abaddon's armor glowed with runic symbols.

The Homunculus Beast Tiger's attack came to a complete stop. It didn't even manage to leave a single scratch on the Abyssal Abaddons' runic armor. 

The homunculus beast tiger's fangs start to turn dark red as it bites down hard. It easily ripped through the Abaddon's Abyssal chest, even the runic armor. 

"Spirit System, can you copy this Homunculus Beast Tiger skill for me?" Manasi said with expectancy. 

'Contractor, I can experiment to replicate those skills. Please bring me a live Homunculus Beast Tiger for the Spirit System experiments. ' Manasi heard that he was thrilled, but when the next word from the Spirit System appeared, he deflated like a balloon. How can Manasi capture a living homunculus that's simply looking to die?

He could only walk near Blossom while saying, "Blossom, Papa is going back for now." 

"Ok, dad!" 

She hugged Manasi back as she patted him on the back to comfort him.


Manasi is enjoying a Blossoms hug when she suddenly slaps him on the back. 

Blossom was unable to control her strength, nearly crushed his back, and started coughing.

'Cough! Cough!'

Papa! Papa!

Blossom panicked

"Are you alright, Papa? " 

"Papa is fine. Blossom." Manasi comforted the panicked Blossom.

The End of Chapter 15

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