Chapter 14 Homunculus Beast King

Manasi helped Blossom to stand up because she was not yet able to balance herself. 

Who knows how long she was locked up in this place.

"Hm?" Manasi raised his head at Blossom, who was much taller than him.

Blossom stared at Manasi with her bright eyes. She then grabbed his hand and put it on top of her head. She giggled. 

Manasi looked at her while smiling.

'It would be perfect if her height was a tad shorter and I wouldn't look awkward trying to pat her head. Blossom's height is two meters, while I am only 1.8 feet tall.'

'I was even thinking of piggybacking her. I'll be crushed if I do that. ' Manasi thought while sighing with a heavy heart.

'Spirit System, can you scan Blossom's statistics?" Manasi said 

"Yes, Contractor 


[Name: Blossom Ironforge]  

[Species: Sage]   

[Status: Healthy/Cheerful]  

[Rank: B-intermediate-Tier]  

[Battle Power: 7589]  

[Element: Ice]  

[Aptitude: Martial arts expert]   

[Physics: Homunculus]

[Other information: Hidden] 

When Manasi saw her statistics, his mouth gaped open.. 


Manasi swallows his saliva as he looks at her battle power. He just couldn't believe it. 

'I must avoid making Blossom angry or I will die without knowing why. She could slap me to death.' Manasi thought as he shuddered.

'Contractor, I recommend that you bring Blossom with you. You will need all the help you can get.' Spirit System

'Spirit System, I don't want Blossom to be implicated, but under such circumstances, I would need Blossom's help. I need to know how strong she is first.' Manasi stop thinking and peek at Blossom, who was curiously staring at him.

"Blossom, can you try punching that door?" Manasi pointed to the laboratory door.

She nodded her head.

"Okay, Papa." Blossom said sweetly as she cheerfully walked toward the door.

When she reached the door, Manasi told her not to hold back. Then, Blossom's aura starts to build up momentum.


Then there seemed to be some kind of attraction. The lab table was slowly being lifted, and even Manasi's feet seemed to lift a bit. 

A blue aura began to appear, as it covered Blossom like a layer of ice. The lab room temperature started to drop. The ice suddenly converges into Blossom's little fist as she punches straight.


Blossom's punch sounded like a bomb as it hit the metal door. Manasi could even feel the vibration of the laboratory. 

Manasi finally saw the metal door that received Blossom's punch. It was pierced through the center. 


Then a layer of ice spread and the entire metal door broke like glass. 

"Blossom is very strong. As a father, she should protect me."  Manasi said shamelessly.

'Contractor, don't you feel ashamed?' Spirit System

"...." Manasi was speechless.

"Papa!" Blossom smiled sweetly while tilting her head. She wanted her papa to praise her. Manasi could only pat her head awkwardly as a reward.

At this point,  Manasi and Blossom come out of the lab. When Manasi passes by, the room is filled with mecha parts.

He asked Blossom to help him put some machine mecha parts inside the System Storage Space.' I'm hopeless. Even asking my daughter to carry heavy equipment.'

He thought and sighed.

Manasi starts monitoring the system's map to locate if there are any Homunculus beasts nearby.

'Contractor, the homunculus beasts are fighting outside the gate door. Be careful of the new enemies outside.' Spirit System

"For the monster to abandon the facility and defend outside would mean that the enemies are far stronger," Manasi said solemnly.

On the way outside, he could see the claw marks of the homunculus beast tigers. 

"The Homunculus beast tigers is certainly very powerful, to even make a hole in the facility's walls. Their strength is comparable to half of Blossom's strength."

Manasi had full confidence in Blossom. Because she wouldn't even be at a disadvantage if she was surrounded by dozens of those homunculus beast tigers because of her ability in the ice element and as a martial arts specialist.

Finally, they arrived at the tunnel. Manasi then held Blossom's left hand. 

"Spirit System, how could we get out of here?"

'Contractor, you can just control the S-Rank Gate Shield. You can do this because you are in complete control of the item.' Spirit System

Manasi becomes silent.

"Why haven't you informed me until now?" Manasi said solemnly.

He felt that the Spirit System was pretty secretive, not even informing him of these important details. 

'Contractor,  you didn't ask for and I'm pretty busy with the new monsters outside.' Spirit System

"...." Manasi

'The Spirit System even knows how to reason now!' Manasi could only shake his head.   

He then tried to detect the [S-Rank Gate Shield]. 

He then felt the connection between him and the Gate Shield. He was holding Blossom's hand as the white light covered them. 

Then they appeared outside, and before them was the gleaming door. 

Boom! Boom! 


Before Manasi could observe his surroundings, huge explosions were happening not too far from him. 

Without delay, Manasi grabs Blossom's arms and tries to drag her to a huge stone. But she wouldn't budge. It was like dragging a bulldozer.


At least he tried.

"Papa, what is that? It's beautiful!" Blossom said while pointing at the shiny explosion that could wipe out a colony.

"Blossom, come here and hide with Papa." Manasi said as he beckoned at Blossom.

Manasi and Blossom raise their heads above the stone as they gaze at the battlefield in front of them. Then his mouth gaped open in shock.

He sees countless Beast Tigers homunculi. They were the same beasts he had killed. It's pretty scary to see thousands upon thousands of Homunculus Beast Tigers nearly killing you with just one. 

This horrible homunculus beast tiger is being slaughtered like pork. Rays of light that cooked them alive. Manasi sees the huge spaceship ahead. 

He is in awe of the firepower of the spaceships, particularly the enormous spaceship as they continue to bombard the Homunculus Beast Tiger.

But he was soon disgusted by this spaceship's appearance. It is as if the spaceship is made of the flesh of the living. 

Suddenly, Manasi could feel a hand pull on his shirt. 

"Abba! Abba!"

Blossom pointed to the huge spaceship, her eyes shining. 

"Blossom wants that spaceship," she said cheerfully.

Manasi could only smile a wary smile as he patted her head. He thought for a moment. 

'Looking at her like she isn't afraid of battle, one way or another, she wants to see all this bloody.' Manasi is quite speechless. 

"Spirit System, what kind of spaceship is that? Why does it look like a pyramid with walls of flesh? There's even a huge robot-like dragon that's chained at the top." Manasi asks as he frowns across his brows.

'Contractor, according to the Sage record. This should be the Abyssal Abaddons' mothership and I'm guessing they are looking for the red crystal that is in your body. They would probably torture you alive.' Spirit System


Manasi swallowed his saliva as his face turned pale.

"Spirit System, are you enjoying scaring me?" Manasi said while gritting his teeth.

While this is happening. Manasi stretched his long neck as he looked for opportunities to get some corpses of the Homunculus Beast Tiger. 

Manasi could only keep watching the fight. The mothership is still a thousand meters above the ground. To maintain its advantage, in order to continue to shoot at the daylight of the Homunculus Beast Tigers. 

The Homunculus Beast Tiger is still quite a long way from the Abyssal Abaddons mothership. 

Suddenly, their movements began to accelerate. Even though the mothership weapon system is pretty awful, homunculus beast tigers can't be underestimated either.

All homunculus beasts, including tigers, have a heightened sense of consciousness and start to dodge the rays of light. 

The Abyssal Abaddons mothership can hardly hit the homunculus beast.

'Clap! Clap! 


Manasi clapped his hand while cheering at the Homunculus Beast Tiger that dodged like a pro. 

It's still a mystery how he managed to kill this Homunculus Beast Tiger in the facility. It is simply a miracle. 

Suddenly a beast is struck on its legs, incinerating its legs, but the injured Homunculus Beast Tiger doesn't seem to care, as it continues to walk towards the spaceship, fearlessly. 

Manasi swallowed hard when he saw this Homunculus Beast Tiger with cockroach tenacity, simply impossible to kill. 

"No wonder they are called the Guardians of the Sage, since the Sages themselves are powerful, but now I understand why they are called that." Manasi said while he scratched his head.

The tiger of the homunculus beast is like a war machine without a feeling of fear. Even when half of its body is destroyed, it will continue to search for its enemy. 

"They're like beast-shaped terminators!" Manasi said.

"Abba, what's a terminator?" Bossom asks in confusion. 

"Oh, it's Arnol** Schwarzeneg****!" Manasi spoke without thinking. 

"Can it be eaten?" 

"No," Manasi put on a poker face.

"Oh!" Blossom appeared to be dejected when her abba said she couldn't eat arnold. 

Manasi noticed that Blossom's head was drooping in dejection.

"Blossom, Abba will take you to my planet and give you lots of food, okay?" Manasi said and took out the last of his cured meat that the system had brought. 

She hugged Manasi, laughing, although she didn't quite understand some of the words Manasi had said. 

"Papa, it's yummy!"

While the Blossom eats, Manasi continues to watch the battlefield. He finally realizes that a huge Homunculus Beast Tiger is very different from others, with its majestic aura.

The Homunculus Beast Tiger King suddenly accelerated forward, leaving the other beast far behind. 

It is targeted by the Abyssal Abaddons mothership, as net-shaped energy beams that are stacked together shoot the Homunculus Beast Tiger King. 

Manasi thought it was impossible to dodge. However, the Homunculus Beast Tiger King suddenly used its momentum to accelerate into the air, while spinning its body between the gaps in the web like bolts of energy.

Manasi, who saw that kind of style, was dumbfounded. He could barely shut his open mouth.

"That beast is amazing!" Manasi said excitedly that he longed to take a video recording for collection. 

The Homunculus Beast Tiger King eventually appeared under the Abyssal Abaddons mothership. 

It then found a huge boulder on the ground and held it in its mouth while its fangs penetrated the huge boulder to hold it in place.

Reddish smoke begins to form around the Homunculus Beast Tiger King. Its aura-like smoke begins to spread and cover the huge boulder in his mouth. 

The Homunculus Beast Tiger king, clenches its jaws as it swings its head towards the Abyssal Abaddons mothership. The boulder travels at supersonic speed. 

Shoot straight through the bottom of the Abyssal Abaddons mothership. 

"Boom!" A large collision can be heard.

The End of Chapter 14

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