Chapter 204

Seeing the pitiful action of the second enormous being that was pushing its head toward the huge tortoise creature.

As if waking it up, made Ben and the others understand that the battle was far from over.

"Ben, how many more charges can the Sky Arc fire?" Don Alfonso asked solemnly. 

He could predict what the octopus-fish like creature would do next.

Hearing that, Ben gritted his teeth.

"Three... No, at most four charges... before the weapon system shuts down."

At this very moment.....


The Leviathan let out an earth shattering roar, filled with rage as it discovered the Calamity Tortoise was dead.

The Leviathan's green eyes gazed at the Amber City with animosity. 

Then the surrounding waters start to rise, wave after wave coming bashing at the walls of the Amber City, crumbling it apart.

Seeing that the Amber City was about to be submerged by the waves, Little Autumn, in her

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