Chapter 27 Blossom's Rampage

This time, Manasi just entered the first floor of the building where Shiela and Rod are hiding.

Manasi is still quite concerned about the sea creatures that are gathering.

"Spirit System, tell me about the sea creatures that are gathered," Manasi said with concern. 

'Contractor, the first batch of marine creatures have already attacked the nearest coast.... they are proceeding to attack the nearby towns. It wouldn't be long before they overran this town of Cana. Their numbers already exceed thirty thousand and are still increasing.' Spirit System

When Manasi read the words of the Spirit System, he could only grit his teeth while entering the building's lobby to look for Shiela and her father, who was hiding in this building.

"Spirit System, help me find Shiela and Uncle Rod." Manasi said solemnly.


Building Second Floor  

This time, Sheila and her father Rod hid in a room in the destr
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