Chapter 66 Sky Arc

The huge main deck, the white metal walls and floor, reflected the people as if they were in a mirror. 

The ceiling's surface transmitted light and shone brightly, illuminating the whole place. That place looks uncommon.

Manasi gazed at the dumbfounded people ahead of him, but they quickly recovered as they came to him while bowing in appreciation.

The governors and the clan chiefs came forward from the crowd of people.

[Warning! Warning! A group of unknown monsters is attacking the inside of the Sky Ship.]

Manasi frowned as he opened the Spirit System map, displaying the location of the attackers as well as Don Alfonso's.

Manasi thought, 'That old guy is really powerful, even daring enough to face Nephilims.'

Then he looked at clan chief Nathan and the superhumans.

"I will need your help," Manasi said while he saw them nod their heads in agreement.

"Antonio and Rachel, help the others settle down here...I nee

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