Villain System

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Villain System

By: R. Twilight OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Shall we see the world from the eyes of the big bad villain? Sweet words are whispered to them and being pulled by unknown force. The whisperer creeps into the night bring discord and mayhem as it stirs up emotions of every kind. The world will never by the same as we move on its chessboard like pawns to a greater means to an end. Behind their mask could it be a real villain or a demon? Though you can't resist its amazing offers and cheats

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True Colors
The rain fell down like daggers to his fresh wounds. The small bag of his belongings was drenched wet. Although the boy grinned happily in the heavy rain and laughed loudly madly into the night. ' I'm Zaiden J. Strong... wait I'm disowned so it's just Zaiden J. now, the ex-son of the most influential duo...heroes, Hugo D. Strong aka hero: Thunder and Lucian Gretel Strong aka hero: Pyro Lady. Although where heroes are villians are too. That explains my location being within Villian turf or Vil-turf. Their different turfs round here as well as safe zone where the concept of turfs are invalid thus all the races can catch a breath, you'll understand later on. There are dungeons, ruins and even towers which can bring weapons, powers and stuff. Shall we continue with where you left me? ' Zaiden threw the bag in a nearby dustbin and snapped his fingers. An umbrella appeared and Zaiden been walking aimlessly. He saw a man, beaten and bruised which peeked his
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Zaiden and Caesar were teleported to a roof top. " Well enter the system." Zaiden frowned " Um.. enter system.." Caesar said His surrounding changed as he enter the system interface. [ Welcome again Player Caesar. I am your game guide, Neko ] A black cat appeared having a purple bow on it's head [ So I will help on your road to be the greatest Villian ever. But firstly deciding your Villian type] Caesar was surrounded by rectangles with words on them. He saw Zaiden behind Neko. Half his face was engulfed by a green flame that didn't burn. He could see Zaiden smiling in amusement. Caesar looked back to the rectangles and touched: Boss' Support Villain. [ Congratulations. You are the Right Hand Man, a one time choice for the system. Here is your beginner package] Neko grinned holding a present box and shook it violently. It popped open and Caesar fainted. [ He who pleasures at Mayhem is pleased with you co
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  They searched the warehouse finding a man tied up to a chair. He as bruised everywhere and blood ran down him to the floor. " I'm here." Gaia said lifting up his face She was stiff seeing that he couldn't see her. " Those bastards-" Gaia reacted " Wow, weren't they cruel making a man blind. Should I regret not recruiting them for Blood Lily" Zaiden thought hiding his wicked smile " But wait-" Zaiden saw a glow from the man which helped Zaiden weigh potential and he was a fine catch indeed. " Don't worry Boss can help somehow?" Gaia went " It's alright as long as you're safe." He smiled " Do you want to see?" Zaiden interrupted" Not through those beyond repair eyes but you can see..." " Doing charity?" Caesar frowned " Won't it be interesting. A blind Villian." Zaiden grinned " Boss is still crazy." Gaia frowned " If its possible. But not because I'm at a corner I just what
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Reese looked through the file that the masked man pushed to her. The contents were tantalizing her. The assumed man's revealed eye smile to her. " So. What will you do? I won't kill you if you refuse, I don't even own a gun." He said raising his hands" The doors open." " Yeah...I shouldn't get involved with this man." She thought turning to the last page   The Blood Lily Villians were around the rumble of the roof. " Don't tell me they died?!" Gaia yelled " I don't see the rewards. Did we fail?" " Disappointed." Gian laughed " After getting so many beasts for this." " You'd hope that." Multipose voice said Everyone but Caesar looked around. He silently felt the shadows and turned to the building that was nearby the roofless sky scraper. The others got the signal. Xayn jumped into the sky and Xenia followed after her brother. " Idiots. This is a twenty-third floor building and they can't fly." Incine
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Caesar went to the lowest level of the prison during the chaos finding only one cell. " Just leave me. I have nothing waiting for me outside." a voice went " Then live for some one. Is what he said." Caesar responded " Some one else. I'll see when I see him." the person finding it interesting smiled   Caesar entered the cell and the shadows swallowed them. They appeared in Zaiden's office. He laid asleep on a table full of papers, his white hair covered his eyes and no sound was made. " So his natural hair color is white." Caesar thought since Zaiden had his hair dyed brown even before they meet Zaiden opened his eyes revealing the base of his purple eyes was red. Caesar was well aware it meant he had a wicked idea. " Hello." Zaiden sluggishly smiled The female prison looked at the boy and smiled " I would like to be your secretary President." " Come here." Zaiden yawned He touched her foreh
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Caesar held onto a visually shocked Zaiden in a alley. The car was flattened by an enormous truck. " Who would want to kill an innocent child." Zaiden commented going over the possible attackers and trying to say calm " Perhaps the over thirty businesses who lost more than half their clients to this child the age of their grand sons." Caesar smiled " But...the driver was killed too..." Zaiden frowned " Won't it be...." " Meaning?" Caesar asked Another car came to take him although Zaiden couldn't shake the feeling someone had identified him as Multi Mask. Zaiden froze momentarily and frowned deeply. " Did you eat lemons?" Caesar wondered " Some one is messing with my games....." Zaiden frowned " Don't blame us for being for be being unkind."   Reese sat in chair with a small grey chinchilla in luxury room. The chinchilla looked up. " Reese, you have a request." The chinchilla went [ Lover of
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Zaiden became the center of attention again having helped the citizens during the attacks of Cerberus and Eclipse. Sadly the Vice died as the bombs were strapped onto his body. Zaiden was called to give a speech to the survivors and videos weren't allowed. " We lost great people. Who, strived for true justice in the mundane world. I wish I could have been more help in their life than death....." He ended " Mr. J. is such a good boy. Not to mention how professional, none of them changed their stern face." People went looking at Zaiden's personnal " No, we are just stunned!" Caesar thought Caesar and Zaiden walked around the area waiting for the next session of the ceremony. *THUD* Zaiden followed the noises to an alley with a adults fighting a teen. Zaiden looked at the teen and smiled wickedly. He approached the beaten teen. "Isn't it unfair?" Zaiden smiled " Yes. I said I'd pay it off after helping my Mum!" He yelledRead more
New Obstacle
They dropped Jaxon at his high school. Everyone marveled the expensive car that drove off." Some one took pity on you today?" They laughedJaxon was oddly not bothered. He went into the class, shut his eyes to enter his game interface space and looked through the [Villain System ].Game interface space is a mental space created by the system within the players minds that they can enter anytime. It could be designed any way the player desires like a break room from their hard work.The system displayed his name, level, villain type, items, unallocated points used to increase his stats, amount of coins and his titles which he had none. The stats were: Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Luck, HP, MP, SP, Defense, Stamina, Charisma.It had the a ranking of skills from F to Unique( beyond SSS rank). The skills had types which were starting with the least: Normal, Epic, Disaster, Chaos, Cataclysm. Other independent types of skill were: Exclusive ( user sp
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Rocky Road
Road M. drove to the rubble. It was obvious Designer was alive since mark of ownership of Turf hadn't shown." Annoying pest." Road M. sighed sniffing aroundHe picked up Designer's scent " Now you can't run from me."Road M. touch a twenty story building. All its windows turned into rifles and fired randomly. The flew up, crashed down and blocked the path of another vehicle in stealth mode.Road M. came out of the flamed scrap metal "Designer....are you running away?"Designer came out. He was an older Villain that evaded Heroes for years and now a greenhorn Villain has not only turned his Turf into a road-abomination but has caught him too. Designer was visual angry." Do you not know how high the heavens are from the earth." Designer asked" Is that why you look up at me?" Road M. teasedSpears were flung at him, the roads readjusted and caught them." Shall I change in a black racing suit?" Road M. asked" YOU
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Zaiden sat down quietly as they waited for the main attraction, the Levi monarch family to arrive." Why are their still monarchs in this day and age?" Zaiden sighed" Some people can't throw everything from their ancestors." Caesar laughedLaasya got the two to pay attention to her " According to the files, all the organizations and alliances are looking down on us and refuse the surrender option."" Some organizations are controlled by monarchs. So surrendering could be consider treason." Caesar explainedZaiden took the file, " Is that truly true?"Zaiden flipped through the file. There were four major monarchs that posed the greatest worry to Blood Lily's growth: Taivas Kingdom of the south represented by a sword piercing the heavens, Lev Kingdom of the north represented by a lion roaring on a mountain, Castelo Kingdom of the east represented by a castle in front of a beautiful sky and Zmija Kingdom of the west represented by a black sna
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