Chapter 88 Ghost

When Manasi heard what the sales lady said, he became doubtful as he looked at them.


"You believe what I said?" 


"Yes, we do... this is our token of apology to our valued customer." The young-looking sales lady came to Manasi. 

She had to kneel in front of him because of the height difference. 

She then took out three items: a vial with water inside, bread, and lastly, a tree branch.


Manasi was quite confused by what these things were.


"Thanks, but what's this for?"


The sales lady faintly smiled at him.


"It's from the seer." She then bowed and walked away with the others, not really answering his question.


This furthered Manasi's confusion. He then put the three items inside the space bracelet, he scratched his head, as he sighed to himself.


"Little Elizabeth, let go." Manasi then looks at the nervous little Elizab
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