New Day

Chapter 3

The sun rises already, he's looking at his window watching how the sun rises on this day. He woke up early, or he just didn't get to sleep. The talk that he had with the headmaster yesterday kept him guessing about what the headmaster meant. What does the world outside this castle wait for him? 

He heard a knock on the door. It must be the servant, waking him up. 

“Master Zain,” the servant said and knocked again, making sure that he would be awake by that knock. He sighed and looked at the window again before standing up from the bed. 

He opened the door, “Mistress.” he mumbled. 

The servant looked at him, “Did you sleep, Master Zain?” she asked him. He nodded and smiled lightly. 

“Is the breakfast ready?” he asked, he’s hungry already, he wants to do something that will distract him from thinking about what the headmaster told him. 

“Yes, Master.” the servant said and bowed her head before going away. He closed the door of his room and went to the comfort room to fix himself before going down. As he steps out of his room, he hears voices, happy voices, he is not used to hearing noises. 

While going down the stairs, the servants greeted him, he greeted them back but not the way he used to greet them some other day. He’s not in the mood, and he can’t figure what he is feeling. 

“Are you okay, Zain?” the head of the servants in the castle asked him. He sighed, he can’t lie to her, he is like her mother already. 

“I hope I am okay, Miss Linda,” he said. The servant looks worried, he knows they are not used to him being like this, he is always jolly and cheerful. “Did you meet the headmaster, yesterday night?” Miss Linda asked him. He nodded. 

“Hmm, that’s why. Eat first and if you want to talk about it, call me. Okay?” she said to him. 

“Okay, Miss Linda,” he said and went to the dining room already. He saw three people sitting there, eating happily. 

His Aunt glanced at him and smiled, "Hello, Zain!" 

He forced to smile back and greeted her, “Hello, Auntie,” he went straight to his chair, started eating. 

He was already finished when he realized that 3 people were sitting with him and his aunt did not even manage to introduce the other person. 

"Who is she?" he suddenly asked. His aunt looked at him and back to the girl sitting at the side. 

She smiled at him, "She is your cousin, Zain. I told you about her yesterday." he then looked at the girl, and the girl rolled her eyes on him. 

He looked confused about the way this family behaves in front of him, he can't even feel that they are his family. Are they my dad's family? 

The servant saw what the girl did to him. "Did you just roll your eyes at Master Zain?" the servant said in a loud voice, telling her that what she did is not right. 

"Yes, I did. Why?" the girl said with her eyebrows raised. 

The servant immediately went to the girl to bring her out of the palace but he immediately stopped it. 

"Stop," he coldly said. 

The servant looked at him, "but master," questioning his order.

"Let them, they said they are my family," he answered and stood up to leave the dining room. 

He exhaled deeply when he got out of the castle. He went straight to the garden to get some fresh air, he was too young to be this sad, full of questions that he didn't know to answer. 

He sat down on the bermudagrass and stare above to see the clear sky. 

“You know, you could have not accepted them,” someone said at the back. 

He looked to see Miss Linda, she sat down beside him and she tapped his shoulders. 

“It’s fine to reject people, Zain. You don’t even know them, they may be your family but then you grow up only having us,” she added and looked up at the sky also. 

He sighed. “But then I don’t know how to reject people, I am not used to that,” he sadly said. 

Miss Linda held his shoulders, he faced her. “You need to learn to say no, Zain. Once you enter the Incantatus, we won’t be there to guide you all the way. It will be just you and yourself.” she said and smiled. 

She is really like his mother, she was there when he first fell from running, she took care of him when he was sick, she would always remind him that he is loved by the people around him and that he can treat them as their family. 

“I’ll let them stay, Miss Linda. We have a very huge castle,” he said and smiled lightly. 

“Ease up, It will be okay” 

Miss Linda said and stood up. She reached her hands to him telling him to stand up. He stood up. 

“Why?” he asked curiously why she asked him to stand up. 

“Go fix yourself, someone will come by later and happy birthday Zain, I am proud of you,” she said and went back to the castle already. 

And yes, it is his birthday. He doesn’t want to be greeted by anyone but then the servants would always do something for him when it is his birthday. This time, he guesses Miss Linda didn’t prepare anything because she knows that he doesn’t want anyone to know, especially the new people in the castle. 

He just shrugged his shoulders and stayed in the garden for a little while. He stared at the sky again like some magic will happen. He used to think about what would be his life if he lost his parents and no one would take care of him like how the servants are doing. 

Will he be able to survive life at this age? He will be always thankful. 

“And happy birthday, little brother,” 

He immediately looked at the person that greeted him. He smiled and ran to the man in the forest. 


He is so happy to see Bill on this day. Bill didn't miss any of his birthdays since they both became friends.

“Come on, let me hug my little brother!” Bill said and embraced him into a tight hug. 

When Bill let go of him, he looked at the back and saw that there were other wolves there. He looked back at Bill and curiously looked at him. 

Bill sighed, “I won’t be staying for long this time Zain, my father ordered us to patrol somewhere in the west.” 

He felt sad immediately but he understands it. Bill will soon be the Alpha of their pack and he will be studying at the Incantatus soon, so they will not be able to bond like how they used to bond back then. 

“It’s okay, at least you went here and greeted me.” he happily said and hugged Bill again. 

Bill bids goodbye after talking for a while since they should really get back at patrolling or his father will be mad already. Bill said that he will try to get back at night but he won’t expect it anymore, Bill’s father will surely have more orders for Bill once get set back to the pack. 

He went to his room to fixed himself because Miss Linda said that someone will be going here later. Will it be the headmaster again? He still has many questions for him.

A servant knocked at the door. “Master Zain, someone is waiting for you,” she said. 

“Okay, Mistress I’ll go down already,” he answered and went to the door to open it. He saw a man standing at the end of the staircase, and he doesn’t look like the headmaster. He went down curiously. 

“Hello, who are you?” he asked, and the man looked at him and smiled, 

“Hello, Zain. It’s been a while.” the man answered him. The man guides him to sit down in the living room and he saw that he was holding an envelope.

“I am, Mr. Nones and the Incantatus wanted to give you something,” Mr. Nones hand him the envelope, and when he looked at it, 

Welcome to Incantatus, School of Magic

        Zain Black

That is what was written on the back of the envelope, he smiled and happily open the letter, it was stated there that he is admitted to study at the Incantatus, School of Magic because he is a wizard. 

“OMG, is this my official letter, Mr. Nones!” he asked happily.

Mr. Nones smiled back, “Yes it is, Zain!” 

He can’t contain the happiness that he is feeling, he jumped at the sofa and screamed. He thought he would be sad when he received this letter but he guesses that something awaits him that can answer all his questions inside the Incantatus. 

Mr. Nones is holding a basket that he doesn’t know where it came from. 

“Happy Birthday, Zain,” Mr. Nones said and give him the box that he is holding. He opened it and saw a cake, it looks wonderful there is a picture of two-person in the middle and they are moving,

“Is this my mom and dad?” he asked starting to feel tears in his eyes. 

“Yes it is, Zain they are your mom and dad.” Mr. Nones answered smiling and tapped his shoulder. 

Mr. Nones and he talked about his parents, he told him that they are the greatest wizard and that the Incantatus was grateful for having them.

While they are happily enjoying talking in the living room, his aunt is looking envious of what Zain is having, she is watching them from upstairs where you can see the living room. 

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