[ETOEB1//10//] The Siblings' Scheme

Chapter 10

The Siblings' Scheme

Carter's POV:

"The unknown awaits and its calling for us, so let's delve into the depths of the mystery, unfolding the secrets that lie beyond our sight. I reckon," she answered in a sinister and poetic tone.

"Now that is what I call fun! We have a mission! Yipee!" said Ricky with a cheerful voice. He jumped hysterically, and his enthusiasm was greater than I imagined.

"Uh, What did you just say?" I was taken aback by the confusion.

"There's no denying that you're as curious as I am. You wouldn't let a day go by with no answers. Would you, Carter?" said Sandra.

She then smirked, raised her left eyebrow towards me, indicating a sign to seek my concurrence with what she was trying to determine.

"What's going on up there? Come down for dinner, children!" Mother ca

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