[ETOEB1//31//] Sei's Wrathful Revenge

Chapter 31

Sei's Wrathful Revenge

Third POV: Krystelle




After the Dryad announced the start of the test, the gathering place suddenly turned formless.

Grids and lines were forming and flashes of neon lights were swirling in the air until the vicinity turned into a huge battlefield forest.

Krystelle was all alone. She looked around the place to see if there were any threats coming at her, but she saw a girl sitting on the rock.

Her skin was tan. She clipped her bobbed platinum blonde hair that was covering her face.

As she finished clipping her hair, Krystelle saw her beautiful face that matched her golden brown eyes. She smiled at Krystelle and started to introduce herself to her.

"It's nice to meet you! My name is Yosora and you are...?" and she slightly tilted her head downward to her side.

"Krystelle. It's nice to meet you, Yosora. " Krystelle replied with a smile.

Krystelle felt a

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